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NVIDIA 310.14: OpenGL 4.3, Threaded Optimizations

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    Originally posted by Redshirt001 View Post
    Well they actually give support for linux
    Sorry if you not understood me with my bad English. I've been a ATI user for years. I know that AMD give support for Linux, a bad support


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      BTW, this was never truly a NVIDIA bug but a Flash bug, i say this because Firefox with previous NVIDIA driver still used to have blue people with FLASH 11.2xxxx ....but CHROME already with FLASH 11.3xxxx didn't !!!

      ...and if we installed FLASH in FIREFOX there was no blue people either....

      ....yeah i know...i love conspiracy theories....but....

      I almost bet that when Google start conversations with Adobe was before ADOBE released the crippled FLASH 11.2 for Firefox and announced the drop for LINUX fact , i bet that this complete issue was an idea of Google to undermine Firefox

      They said, "hey we will pay a shitload of money so you FUBAR FLASH in FIREFOX"

      (AJSB runs for cover because of GOOGLE/ADOBE attorneys)

      Hey !!! I was J.K.


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        Originally posted by asdx
        I'm deranged because I said that I wanted nvidia to publish the specifications for nouveau? Then another idiot comes in and calls nouveau garbage and also insults me.

        So I ask you again, I'm the one deranged?

        You guys are fucking hypocrites.
        Maybe you should re-read the thread and see where the first insult came from? Or maybe you should dig up a thread where you were complaining about nvidia and _not_ including any profanities? Take your pick.


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          Originally posted by YAFU View Post
          Sorry if you not understood me with my bad English. I've been a ATI user for years. I know that AMD give support for Linux, a bad support
          Don't worry mate, I understood. In my mind, really bad support does not equal support worth mentioning. So it may as well be no real support. Nvidia is not perfect, for example I'd like a nicer control panel and more aa stuff, but it's sorta okay.


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            Originally posted by asdx
            So I said "bullshit", but then what can you call Nvidia when they treat Linux developers very disrespectfully, asking them to change the license (for DMA-BUF and the like) so they can exploit Linux, and then they refuse to release specs or show some repsect for the community?.
            I'd argue that Nvidia providing the quality of drivers that they do, (performance wise and compatibility wise, etc, plus release frequency) is at least some sort of support. If you want to compare them with AMD, or proprietary device makers like sound cards and other weird things, then feel free. And I fail to see how in any way Nvidia are "exploiting" linux. They don't necessarily have to provide their drivers in GPL compatible forms, especially if they feel they have secrets they need to keep from their competition. I don't really mind too much, provided the drivers are decent, and so far they are...ish.


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              Originally posted by asdx
              and if I lose my temper it's not because I'm crazy, it's because nvidia and the nvidia supporters in this forum pisses me off.
              The trouble is, you lose your temper and your common courtesy at the drop of a hat. I don't care how much it angers you, I do care how you conduct yourself in public. If all you're doing is ticking people off, you're doing it wrong.


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                Originally posted by Redshirt001 View Post
                Nvidia is not perfect, for example I'd like a nicer control panel and more aa stuff, but it's sorta okay.
                It is true, at least have some of the many options that it has available in the nVidia control center in Windows.
                Also with my GT430 (Fermi) and installing Nvidia System Tools in Windows I can have some options for overclocking and fan control (no voltage options, as we know it is not possible at Fermi from software). In GNU/Linux you can not have any of those options in Fermi enabling the "Coolbits".
                NVidia control center lacks many options when compared to Windows. But at least the drivers work, almost always

                Yes, we definitely want a better control center and more options. Best Gamma and Color management/profiles and tests to get the best configuration would be good to start.

                PS: I do not think "nouveau" is garbage. They have done an excellent job there just with reverse engineering. In fact, I'm using "nouveau" currently
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                  Originally posted by asdx
                  Yeah sure, and other people calling nouveau "garbage" is also very courteous.
                  This was directed at a driver, no need to take offense.
                  But then someone reminds you about "f u posts" and you eagerly indulge. Is that a mature reaction?


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                    Originally posted by Plagman View Post
                    Do you have the KWin patch referenced there applied?


                    It would also cause choppiness in general.
                    I'm using KDE 4.9.2. Isn't that already applied?


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                      The thread was actually going pretty well... and then of course it gets derailed.

                      Originally posted by asdx
                      I don't understand why the need to trash-talk about nouveau
                      Why do you do it for the blob? We don't work for nvidia. Saying in every single nvidia topic how they need to open their specs doesn't do anything.