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Tinwview, resolution changes, and window placement

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  • Tinwview, resolution changes, and window placement

    I have been using Nvidia's twinview with KDE for a long long time. In that time I have always been frustrated by the effect resolution changes have on my window placement. I place my windows in a particular configuration between my two monitors. When I start a game that uses RandR resolution mode changes the placement of my windows ends up changed. In particular the windows get moved to the left monitor if the game switches to a mode that turns the right monitor off. When I'm done playing I have to reposition all my windows. I have been getting around this issue by using XVidMode resolution mode switching whenever possible. This involves setting registry options for games that use Wine. I also sometimes use GameTreeLinux/Cedega and it uses XVidMode by default. When it comes to native games the chances seem to be about 50/50 that it will use one or the other. libSDL based games will use XVidMode if built against the last few releases or, in the case of games dynamically linked against libSDL, your system libraries are up-to-date.

    As of the 302.XX Nvidia drivers switching resolutions with XVidMode is resulting in the same issue I have when switching with X/Randr. So my "work-around" is no longer working. At this point I am ready to try something else and I am hoping that someone here knows a better solution. I would like for my windows to either return to their original position or for KDE to totally ignore resolution changes. I don't know if the solution might lie in KDE settings, X settings, or Nvidia settings. Since twinview is an Nvidia feature I felt that I should place the thread in this section but it is possible that this issue exists with Xinerama in general. I couldn't say. Thanks for any ideas you might have.

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    I have two displays: laptop screen and external display. HDMI output is selected as main output in KDE settings. (I doesn't use Xinerama.)
    With "SDL_VIDEO_FULLSCREEN_DISPLAY=0" in /etc/environment SDL-based games always run on external display.
    Since WINE 1.5.9 fullscreen win32-applications (i.e. games) is always run on external display without any tweaking.


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      I appreciate your response. This doesn't really help with the issue I am having though. I have no problem getting games onto the displays I intend to play them on. My problem is the effect that the resolution change has on window placement between the two monitors.