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NVIDIA Driver Security Exploit

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  • NVIDIA Driver Security Exploit

    Oh, this is a nice one:

    Security vunerabilities in Nvidia binary drivers.

    With active proof-of-concept exploit for Linux. This is not only a local vunerability with X + nvidia drivers, but it can be remotely exploitable.. for instance if your browsing to a malicious website it's possible for somebody to have your browser display something _which_could_give_them_root_access_.

    This is a problem with how Nvidia accelerates rendering of text. This is a very very serious problem.

    This bug has been around for years now. First reported in 2004 it took nearly 2 years for Nvidia to aknowledge the problem, which was in July 2006 and they still haven't fixed it.

    To me this is headlines-style stuff.

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    There is more information on the security exploit over @ Kernel Trap

    The bug may be fixed in NVIDIA Beta 1.0-9625.
    Michael Larabel


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      For 1.0-8XXX series, the exploit can be fixed by throwing:

      Option "RenderAccel" "False"

      into the xorg.conf
      Michael Larabel


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        NVIDIA has released a statement on the matter:

        The drivers at now also contain a hotfix.
        Michael Larabel