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NVIDIA PR Responds To Torvalds' Harsh Words

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    Originally posted by asdx
    Just buy computers with Intel GPUs.


    My processor has a GPU (Intel i7) Intel? Core? i7 2670QM/2630QM Processor


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      Conclusion: stop bothering because we will not release specs, breaking the head and keep doing our job through reverse engineering and projects like nouveau and Bumblebee (to which pretend to support because it saves us work)

      ???FUCK YOU NVIDIA!!!


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        How is this a response to Linus' argument? He said "Nvidia sucks at open source" and they respond with "our closed source blob is good" (when it works, I'd add). The two matters are completely unrelated.


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          Originally posted by Jebril View Post
          I've never understood why people say the Nvidia drivers are better than the Ati drivers for Linux, I've had way more problems with Nvidia cards than Ati cards on Linux. Where did this come from?
          from the rest of us who had to switch from ati to nvidia because we wanted to game and also watch videos without tearing.


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            If NVIDIA supports Optimus/bumblebee and also Start supporting WayLand soon, then they Wont get the Finger Again !!

            C'mon on nvidia, we dont want to give you the finger, but with your attitude you're telling your customers to SCREW THEMSELVES !!


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              Originally posted by macemoneta View Post
              It tends to be model specific. The new cards tend to be problematic for all vendors, while the two to three generation old cards tend to work. There are always exceptions, and checking the support level before buying is always a good idea. Those that complain the loudest tend to be gamers; while they have a loud voice (partly because they are buying $300+ video cards), they represent a tiny percentage of users on any platform.
              I'm a gamer. I've only once used a Nvidia card under linux...never again. Artifacts all over the game(s), the fan always went to 'I'm as loud as I can be' mode and that thing still managed to overheat, forcing a shutdown of the computer in the process. That was ~2 years ago

              atm I've a HD5870 in my PC (that's enough for running OilRush on max'd settings @1920*1200 with Gnome3) and an old AMD dual core processor.

              I can't speak for multi-head setups, since I only have one 24" screen but aside from that (and the hiccup that was caused by some stupid person changing some lines in the kernel that was released with Ubuntu 12.04 which some people on this board managed to fix) the driver runs fine with that card.

              from the rest of us who had to switch from ati to nvidia because we wanted to game and also watch videos without tearing.
              the gaming example is pure bullshit. You can play games as good with an AMD card as you can with a Nvidia card.

              for the video thing: what videos are you talking about? Totem/VLC is working fine, flash is working fine...I never experienced any 'tearings'. I read about that before but as of now I never encountered it.
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                Basically, they gave us the middle finger. That's why I'll never buy laptop with discrete graphic card. Intel all the way. At least their drivers are open source.


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                  This guy loves contradiction

                  So for them supporting Linux is "important", but they design hardware feature with "windows only" in mind ?
                  If supporting Linux is so important for them, why do we have to rely on a third party hack (bumblebee) in order to get Optimus (and so our expensive nvidia chip) working ?!


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                    To be completely honest, I feel like we push for a little too much sometimes: the whole attitude toward everything having to be open source is a little ridiculous. Sure it would be nice if Nvidia released open source drivers, but to be honest, I'm more interested in the performance of my drivers than the license. That said, I really do wish Nvidia would have a bit of a nicer attitude toward us. I'm sure they will soon though with Linux gaming on the rise.