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NVIDIA PR Responds To Torvalds' Harsh Words

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  • Originally posted by curaga View Post
    Nvidia's big wins in the mobile sector? I can remember about two Tegra3 phones so far. Unless you count tablets as mobile, which they really aren't (can't fit in your pocket).
    Well, yeah... I do consider tablets to be mobile devices... since they're mobile:

    BUT... you're right regardless because when I made that post I was thinking for some reason that they were in Sammy's newest phone. Apparently I forgot that Samsung went with their own SoC. derp!

    derp dee derrrrrrr

    Ohh well... we'll see how the Nexus 7 does.


    • Originally posted by phoronix View Post
      Phoronix: NVIDIA PR Responds To Torvalds' Harsh Words

      NVIDIA's PR department has issued a statement following the harsh comments by Linus Torvalds last week where he referred to the graphics company as the single worst company they have ever dealt with, called them out on not supporting Optimus, and other issues...

      Yeeep!, Nvidia's PR department is even more N"weid"ia, than n"weird"ia itself.
      pffft, whatever, your a bunch of losers' N-WEIRD-IA, expecially moreso, 'cause you LOST the potemtial billions of dollars worth China contracts to your only competitor, AMD.

      wow, how do your STOCKHOLDERS like your "ClosedSource" attitude now N"weird"IA ???!!!


      • Let's bitch about:
        -nobody can screw the Linux kernel devs who work on GPU's;
        -you can't fix stupidity, so who cares about Linux' image;
        -nVidia has buyers, which are OK with the blob;
        -If they experience a problem, blob or free, it is what they experience.

        Now either that or let's go back to why we think that nVidia sucks, because it's funny, regardless of logical correctness


        • He's alive!


          • i do love to read this topic.... i think that now is the time to go into intel GPU then buying discreet GPUs. yes intel GPU could be seen as a limited GPU compared to nvidia/ati GPU. yet it works fine to what i have on my linux box. Valve's move to linux environment is good and has good effect in the open source world, kernel fixes, intel drivers improvements, games soon to be released.

            I like to think of intel GPU the equivalent of a console GPU hardware, you are stuck with it for a couple of years so i do really hope that games will be optimized for it, rather than trying to play high end game with a drivers that update comes as rain in the dessert.


            • Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
              Now either that or let's go back to why we think that nVidia sucks, because it's funny, regardless of logical correctness
              yes the buyers are ok with the blob, but why is it than unlogical that nvidia sucks? I think its totaly logical that nvidia sucks...

              Originally posted by asdx
              Fuck you Nvidia!

              thanks that gave me my first big smile of the day to read that true sentence in big letters