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NVIDIA 295.49 Fixes Linux Performance Regression

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  • NVIDIA 295.49 Fixes Linux Performance Regression

    Phoronix: NVIDIA 295.49 Fixes Linux Performance Regression

    While NVIDIA this week put out their first 302.xx series beta Linux graphics driver, yesterday they also released the 295.49 stable Linux driver. This update does fix the 295.40 performance regression that affected some users in April...

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    I've been experiencing a regression with the 295.40 driver as shipped with Ubuntu 12.04 in that it completely crashes several times a day. There is nothing like having your desktop suddenly disappear as you are working and being dumped back to the login screen. Thankfully Noveau actually works well. (Using an 8800GT/NV92.)


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      My 8600 died (after some years - I guess it was expected) so I got a 560GTX - and with the default driver that Ubuntu 12.04 downloaded, it's been working out quite splendidly.

      Compiz has been fairly broken though in terms of fullscreen performance - and it crashes with unredirect enabled - so I'm on metacity.