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new pausing problem with ubuntu 11.10

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  • new pausing problem with ubuntu 11.10

    hi i have a shuttle XS35GTV2 with Intel D525 Atom CPU and Ion2 GPU (8 cores, vbios

    i installed ubuntu 11.10 and then xubuntu (xfce) since it's lighter weight. something about the default UI of recent ubuntu slows down the playback.

    when i play video with mplayer using the hardware decode (-fs -vo vdpau -vc ffh264vdpau) it used to work great (~3 months ago). but now i get occasional pauses. they are really bad, not just a dropped frame but playback freezes for 0.2-0.5 seconds. of course this ruins my experience. it happens about once every couple of minutes. the CPU usage while playing back is like 2%, and there are two cores. and this used to work fine.

    so there would seem to be a regression in X or the kernel or the graphics drivers or ?? you tell me.


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    FYI I was able to fix the problem by backing up to 10.04LTS.... so it seems something has gone south but what I don't know.