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NVIDIA Releases 295.20 Linux Drivers

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    I still have the settings. They didn't go anywhere.


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      Wierd. It's no big deal I guess. Out of interest I'm wondering if it's distro related, or the way I upgraded. I just "upgraded" to Kubuntu 11.10 if it matters and used the x swat ppa to install the nvidia driver.


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        I'm using the x swat PPA on 11.04 and all seems fine.


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          A purge and reinstall fixed that little problem I now have Powermizer Settings back.


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            I've still got the mythweb fullscreen popup window flicker. :/


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              They still didn't fix the GPU usage monitoring via smi, even for Quadro GPUs.


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                Does this seem like a solid driver release? I don't test every single release, but I will look into this one when I have time.

                Originally posted by asdx
                Could Linux developers just ban proprietary blobs please?
                The alternatives are not 100% free either, go ahead and ban them as well!


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                  Nice update for me

                  Very happy with this upgrade. I upgraded recently to the oddly named "GTX 560 Ti with 448 cores" since those were in stock in a lot of places. It's actually a GTX 570 sans 32 cores, a GF110 chip instead of GF114.

                  But the previous NVidia drivers for Linux had problems, waking up from suspend to disk or ram was a little hit-or-miss. More annoyingly, opening a new tab in browser (Firefox or Chrome) from another application (Thunderbird or urxvt) often turned the display into a blinking mess needing a reboot to get the display going again. Otherwise system kept running just fine, remote access was still working.

                  Now, with the 295.20 drivers things are working great. Haven't had a single problem waking up. With the browser tab thing there's still sometimes a pause for a few seconds, but display resumes after that.


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                    Seems like a good release. No more crashes with OpenGL 4.2 contexts.

                    Running a MSI NGTX 580 TwinFrozr II/OC


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                      Originally posted by asdx
                      The "best driver" that refuses to support innovations like Wayland and KMS?

                      Yeah right.

                      Great driver you have there.
                      You are always trolling on these kinds of threads, saying stupid shit like proprietary drivers should be banned (which is retarded), you seem to think that Linux is a FSF project, and that all of it's devs share your point of view, meanwhile this really isn't the case. You also seem to have convinced yourself, that OSS GFX drivers that can barely even render games are higher quality than the blobs. which is laughable.

                      I bet our friend here (robotics company) wouldn't even be able to use Linux at their Company without GOOD GFX drivers. Nouveau probably can't even do what they require. So yeah, Nvidia does make a good driver, as it actually works and does the job! Nouveau is SLOW and is a reverse-engineered, half-functioning driver...

                      Can you please, point us to some resources, that verify what you are saying? just because Nvidia currently doesn't support Wayland/KMS/GEM, that doesn't mean that they 'refuse' to support Wayland, *forever*.

                      The fact is, Wayland isn't in high-use and isn't feature complete, it hasn't surpassed (or is even at parity with) Xorg and is nowhere near being production ready. So why would Nvidia support it, at this point? (seems kinda pointless to me). While Nvidia says they have no current plans to support Wayland, if Wayland is as good as it is supposed to be, when it actually becomes usable, and people actually (start to) migrate over ~ what do you think the chances are that AMD and Nvidia won't support it? (especially, if X starts to not be shipped as the default, for desktop distros). It's going to be a SLOW transition.

                      I am betting the proprietary drivers will support it, once they actually have the motivation and good reason to do so.

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