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SLI with Gentoo and Cedega

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  • SLI with Gentoo and Cedega

    HI @ all and michael.
    Nice articel you wrote so i think you can help me.
    Ive intalled Gentoo with kernel 2.6.17 i think and the 1.0-8762 nvidia drivers.

    Now i have a problem.
    Ive installed Cedega and on it Steam with CS:S
    Ive actovatet my SLi wit in /etc/X11/xorg.conf with the option "SLI" "Auto"

    now if i go to the nvidia-settings is see SLI is enabled, and if i start a game i get my SLI status.

    if i rum GLXgears i get only ~15000 frames. Thats not mutch for 2 6800 ultra extreme.

    now i think i start a time the counter strike, but its impossible to play the game becouse i have never more than 25 fps.. I think this couldnt be ore?

    so plz help me that i can play the games on the linux, so that all want work fine.

    I hope you help


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    phoenix, Welcome to the forums. First off, it is important to point out that glxgears is by no means a reliable benchmark for frame-rate comparison. Have you tried any Linux-native games (such as Quake 4, Doom 3, or Unreal Tournament 2004)? How was your performance in those native games? Cedega presently doesn't support any SLI enhancements, nor are the Windows games able to benefit from optimizations that they may experience with Windows. If you have seen a number of my other articles on the matter of SLI, the current benefits of multiple GPUs under GNU/Linux are rather low or in some instances are even non-existent.
    Michael Larabel


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      Haha, kudos to getting CS: Source working at all. I have been unsuccessul thus far.


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        Quake 4 and Doom3 are linuxe native games?
        whoa good to know
        ive not testet anyone yet, becouse i havent any originales

        i have a copy of UT2004 here i install it in moment. I tell you later what comes out, but probably i have no cd key to play online

        so i go install it now and look how it works.
        But i hope anyway tp found a way to play my cedega games



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          id Software is great to the GNU/Linux community, thanks in part to John Carmack. All of id Software's latest titles are available under GNU/Linux. When installing UT2004 or any other title for that matter, ensure that the copy is updated to the latest version. After that, run some benchmarks with the games and check on the SLI performance. Feel free to post your SLI/non-SLI results.
          Michael Larabel


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            So first ive installed it now.
            It runs great without problems. A super framereate. I post the things tomorrow. But now i have the problem with cedega that my games run only with 15 frames!!

            I want to play my other games too like hl2 ore cs:s

            but with 15 frames i couldt do much you know. And by the other peoples it works too only not by me

            im so to say "a fresh linux user" becouse i think most of the linuxes you get tou buy such like suse or so isnt a linux any more there you havent to do anything. Now i use gentoo and nothing would go ;(

            It takes a whole day to bring up the damn nvidia driver and then i hoped i can play my games.

            But now i must sleep, i come back later with more information about the UT benchmark...



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              Also, you may want to give the 1.0-8774 drivers a whirl since they are the newest.

              x86 --
              x86_64 --
              Michael Larabel


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                so, i think i must first reinstall gentoo. There is nothing who want work now the system is killed. Yesterday it works, now i get kernel panics, and i think if i install it new it may work better without all the major problems, and usuallay it may got more fps in cedega.

                i think it could be a compile error or something else.

                if you want you can life chat with me on my irc server

       port 6667

                secure port is 6601

                i opened a room called linux-gaming

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                  Before you re-install, try a different kernel... like 2.6.16 instead of 2.6.17 that's Gentoo standard atm.


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                    i couldnt install a new kernel if my system doesnt boot.
                    So ive reinstalled all i install now the alsa driver the nvidia driver are online now.

                    bit its not finished then. I must compile then samba and KDE.
                    A long time...