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GTX 560 Ti with nvidia-driver -> slow 2D performance

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  • GTX 560 Ti with nvidia-driver -> slow 2D performance

    Hi there!

    First of all, let me explain my misery: I was using ATI-cards for many years. My last ATI-card is a HD5770. Perhaps you might have heard about the driver problems, which are occured in combination of the newest x-server and the HD5XXX series.
    Lame 2D performance, extreme tearing forced me, to do something, to achieve a better running linux system.

    So, the first statement is: "When you use linux, Nvidia is the best choice." That's why I ordered a GTX 560 Ti for my system. The performance boost under windows is a blast. The problems are starting again under linux. I think I'm not the guy with lucky graphics-card-choosing-hands

    I'm using atm the newest kernel with Linux Mint 11, so basically Ubuntu 11.04 First of all I purged the fgrlx driver and started to install my new card into my computer. After the boot the nouveau driver is properly loaded. The 2D performance is not the best, so I decided to try the offical nvidia driver.
    I activated the driver under "Advanced devices" (don't know the exact label). The system prompted to be reboot, which I did.
    From now on the status under advanced devices tells me, that "the driver is installed but not in use."
    When I check the xorg log, the nvidia driver is properly loaded! But the 2D performance is still not the best. Windows lag extremely, when I drag them around.

    There is a bugtracker entree which might be related to my problem. But I'm not sure.

    I'm at the end of my knowledge. This problem splits me somehow in two directions. I might keep the ATI-card, cause the performance of the nvidia driver is not worthy this amount of money. Or the driver doesen't really work well, in the whatever-sytem-configuration I have.
    It's a very urgent problem. Because I have one week left to get the card back to my vendor.

    Would be awesome, if someone could help me.

    Thanks a lot

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    Search for a ppa with the latest nv binary driver. You can not install official nv driver updates with u - that would kill your system.


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      The NVIDIA driver has many, many bugs. The performance is 100% OK and all Windows' features (except rotating the screen and auto-detect of 2nd screen) are there, but very often it does not work right out-of-the-box after installing. If it works once, it keeps working, but often it seems not correctly installed.

      When the error appears, you aren't running the driver even though the Xorg log tells you so. You are running Nouveau or Vesa (which is even worse).
      Make sure Nouveau is blacklisted in a .conf file (name does not matter) in the /etc/modprobe.d directory.

      Please try to reinstall it. This often solves the problem.
      When it still won't work, run su -c 'rebuild-initramfs' or put this at the kernel arguments in Grub: rdblacklist=nouveau.


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        You could just try the "nvidia-settings" to see if driver is in use after getting the packages, it won't get the information out from other than their own drivers if not mistaken.

        Also on newer Ubuntu versions it's from my view proven to be best to use the graphical driver activation from settings menu, can't remember name but after adding an new PPA and removed old driver it should use the newer one if trying beta versions too.

        Also if the windows just appear to be sluggish on while dragging around there should be on most desktops to stop it drawing content while moving, also thing could be compiz side that is installed and used on by default when new driver is in use, it takes away part of the performance.

        Compiz on Gnome desktop is last tab of appearance settings called "visual effects", if i remember right.
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          First of all: Thanks to you all for your help!

          I tried every posted solution, but none of it would help :/ So I decided to build in my HD5770 and try it again with the fgrlx. Paying 200? with the same bunch of trouble like using ATI is imho not worth the money So, the card is back on its way to the reseller, and I say once more: Thanks for your help!


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            I have 260 GTX and do not experience your problems. It seems very strange, possibly due to some misconfiguration nv was used instead of nvidia. Nvidia has its problems in linux, but not those you had (like need for large pixbuf due to absence of svg acceleration and hence slower kde4 desktop, monitor hotplugging, rotated and accelerated screens without vsync, problems with screens of different size(probably fixed now), usage of outdated xinerama, sli, optimus etc)


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              The strange thing is, that I've also no problems with a GTX260. A installed a GTX 260 in another PC (nearly a year ago). The nvidia worked there very well.

              I've experienced only the problems with the GTX560. So what, the card is now back at the retailer and I got my money back. The 5770 still runs acceptable, so I'm quite happy