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NVIDIA 270.18 Linux Beta Driver Is Here

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  • NVIDIA 270.18 Linux Beta Driver Is Here

    Phoronix: NVIDIA 270.18 Linux Beta Driver Is Here

    This morning I talked about a stable NVIDIA Linux driver update (v260.19.36) and that a 270.xx beta driver would be imminent. It turns out, however, that the NVIDIA 270.18 Beta driver is already publicly available. It can be tested for Linux x86/x86_64 with a couple of new features to this proprietary graphics driver...

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    Umm the link is dead. My thread seems to have disappeared from the forums.


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      Here it is again (don't delete it this time).

      • Updated the NVIDIA kernel module to ensure that all system memory allocated by it for use with GPUs or within user-space components of the NVIDIA driver stack is initialized to zero. A new NVIDIA kernel module option, InitializeSystemMemoryAllocations, allows administrators to revert to the previous behavior.
      • Added preliminary support for xserver 1.10.
      • Reorganized the NVIDIA driver's /proc file system layout to better reflect current needs: /proc/driver/nvidia/cards/0..N has been moved to /proc/driver/nvidia/gpus/0..N/information
      • Added new shared library:
        • NVML provides programmatic access to static information and monitoring data for NVIDIA GPUs, as well as limited managment capabilities. It is intended for use with Tesla compute products.
          See web-based documentation and associated nvml.h header for more info.
      • Added a new X configuration option "3DVisionDisplayType" to specify the display type when NVIDIA 3D Vision is enabled with a non 3D Vision ready display.
      • Fixed several bugs relating to hardware-accelerated gradients, which were causing visual corruption in some of the default Ubuntu GNOME themes.
      • Modified colormap updates to no longer be synchronized to vblank. This allows applications to send XStoreColor and XStoreColors requests faster than the screen's refresh rate. This behavior can be controlled by a new NV-CONTROL attribute, NV_CONTROL_SYNC_LUT_UPDATES. By default, LUT updates are not synchronized. This may cause flickering in some applications that use the colormap to perform animation, such as xpilot running on a depth 8 Xscreen. If you experience flickering, try running nvidia-settings -a [gpu:0]/SynchronousPaletteUpdates=1

      Linux 32-bit

      Linux 64-bit


      FreeBSD 32-bit

      FreeBSD 64-bit


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        I wonder what apps are most affected by the last feature.
        Maybe someone knows a command to show what binaries call XStoreColor(s)?