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HDMI on a HDTV, no matter what, no image no sound whit the new drivers.

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  • HDMI on a HDTV, no matter what, no image no sound whit the new drivers.

    Hello everybody, I've been trying to get a valid output of the image/sound with my HP G60 laptop on my hdtv with a hdmi cable.
    So far, only a half success whit the 173 driver on Ubuntu 10.10 64bits. Good detection and image on my tv, the Nvidia-settings is usable for detection and configuration, the only bad thing, no sound.
    With the 195, 260 drivers, no luck. Every options and configurations are accessible and no error messages. Strangely, every things woks from the nvidia-settings point of view, but no image and no sound.
    For information, with a vga cable everything works fine, and my HD sound card is ok and all the options are good. No output muted in alsamixer.
    It's not a hardware problem, in Win7 all OK.
    Does any of you have a clue to this problem.

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    Click the sound icon on the taskbar and go to "Sound Preferences". The second-to-last tab reads "Output": go there, and select the device that reads "HDMI" or "IEC958" or "digital out". Should work now.

    Don't use alsamixer, configuration is handled through PulseAudio now.


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      First ting i did, no matter what, doesn't work. No channels muted in alsamixer and all options in the pulse audio are accessible. I tried every suggestions in all the forums who add some treads on that problem.
      Anyway, the 173 driver if I'm correct does not support sound output for hdmi.
      And i don't even get image with the oder drivers, so..