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Poor performance with geforce 7300

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  • Poor performance with geforce 7300

    Hi all!

    I have an asus a8j laptop with core 2 duo 1.66ghz and gf7300. Software
    is ubuntu fiesty 7.04 x86-64 (linux 2.6.20) and nvidia drivers 9755. I tested
    some opengl apps and wonder low framerate. I decided to compare linux vs
    windows performance on my laptop. In windows i installed dx9 and nvidia
    85.06 drivers (don't found newest version). Downloaded from windows and 64 bit linux version of quake3
    binaries, also using the same pak0.pk3 file. Results:
    Win2k: 640/normal - 480fps, 1024/allmax - 215fps
    Linux: 640/normal - 320fps, 1024/allmax - 150fps
    For exclude cpu i tested also compressing with lame 3.97:
    Win2k - 24s. Linux - 26s.
    Lame in windows is a little faster, but not 40%.

    I tried:
    1. Latest 2.6.21 kernel, whithout any drivers/modules, only that needed
    too boot my system and launch ogl app.
    2. Performance governon on cpu instead ondemand.
    3. Cheking via nvidia-settings that gpu and mem frequency in 3d tasks
    switching to 350/700.
    4. 9631 nvidia drivers version.
    5. Disabling composite extension.
    Oh don't know what that may be, look like some kind of powersave

    Also i found friends with asus laptops like my - asus lamborghini vx1
    and w7j (gentoo/2.6.20/9755) - all have low framerate.

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    Anybody may confirm or deny this results? Or such performance is a normal for current linux drivers and gf 7300 ( because performance of the gfti4200 was identical in linux/windows )?


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      ubuntu feisty 7.04 x86-64 (linux 2.6.20)

      whithout any drivers/modules, only that needed
      too boot my system and launch ogl app.
      ubuntu and "only the necessary modules" doesn't go together :]

      actually my friend bought himself an gf 7650 GT or something around 7x50 GT (don't remember too well) and he has very bad performance even on windows.