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NVIDIA 256.52 Linux Driver Brings Fixes

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  • NVIDIA 256.52 Linux Driver Brings Fixes

    Phoronix: NVIDIA 256.52 Linux Driver Brings Fixes

    Just shy of a month ago was when NVIDIA last released a proprietary Linux driver, at which point they also released a second driver that was their OpenGL 4.1 preview driver. This Saturday though NVIDIA has provided a new driver release, which is tagged as the 256.52 pre-release. This new Linux driver release isn't overly exciting, but it does carry some prominent fixes that will please some NVIDIA customers...

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    Nice but unfortunately users with Optimus-based laptops are still left out in the cold.

    Maybe it's time for an article about this issue? (and make sure people don't buy such laptops until NVidia drivers support them)


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      Originally posted by Michael Larabel
      but if there's anyone still using XvMC in NVIDIA's binary driver, you should really update your application and driver to utilize the much superior VDPAU API
      This advice doesn't work. XvMC is only supported on GeForce 7 and older, while VDPAU is only supported on GeForce 8 and newer.

      So one'd need to buy a newer card, a software update is not enough.


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        has someone tried this with kernel 2.6.36.x ?


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          and does not offer coolbits overclocking for geforce gtx 400 series "fermi" hardware.


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            Originally posted by bulletxt View Post
            has someone tried this with kernel 2.6.36.x ?
            2.6.36 is not even released yet BTW
            some issues have emerged in the mean time:


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              New stable driver 256.53 is out:

              Download the English (US) Linux x86 Display Driver Version 256.53 for Linux 32-bit systems. Released 2010.8.31

              Download the English (US) Linux x86_64 Display Driver Version 256.53 for Linux 64-bit systems. Released 2010.8.31


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                At least, Nvidia has drivers released relatively quickly and they seem to follow up. On the NvNews website, it does look like there's issues with the drivers applicable to the Fermi cards and GTX 460 in particular, as it's the latest card to be released. But, it doesn't look nearly as bad as what is going on with Evergreen cards. The evidence can be read about here but also any place in which HD 5xxx cards and Linux is in the discussion.

                From this blurb:
                NVIDIA had same-day Linux support ready with their proprietary driver, launched CUDA 3.0 support at the same time as their Windows release, and they released their first OpenGL 4.0 Linux driver just days after releasing the first OGL4-capable hardware, which was the GeForce GTX 470/480. Since then, with the release of the OpenGL 4.1 specification from the Khronos Group they have provided an OpenGL 4.1 driver to Fermi Linux users.
                The driver is released in a timely fashion so even if it's not perfect, there's something to try and one is not reading a zillion posts of issues.

                The latest ones in the ATI section is shocking especially since the cards were released last Sept./Oct.? Pathetic...

                I guess that shows the true nature of Linux support by ATI. AMD/ATI devs ignore it here, too.


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                  Evergreen is obsolete

                  Southern Islands will be out by next 2-3 months.

                  Evergreen support will be EOL even if no drivers even picked up support for them YET.

                  I pity all Evergreen users.

                  All your life spent on the card were miserable. Hope you do wiser choice next time.


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                    From what I've heard, Southern Islands will be a relatively minor update, so Evergreen cards should still be perfectly good.