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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 On Linux

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    Originally posted by karl View Post
    Some Power and Noise numbers would be nice.
    In the article it says:

    For those concerned about the power consumption of the GeForce GTX 460 its TDP is 160 Watts but when idling it should be about ~40 Watts.


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      @deanjo: thank you for pointing that out, somehow I missed the ~40 idle number.


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        Originally posted by deanjo View Post
        Probably be cause the guy that does handle the SLi support in linux is not present on NVnews forums. PM me if you wish to have the email of the guy that does handle it.
        PM sent.


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          I'm sure many of you were as disappointed as I to hear the news this morning:

          No Steam for Linux:

          But its great to have these reviews. I've generally enjoyed my GTX 260 core 216, but for that using two monitors of different sizes works terribly half the time (UrbanTerror, for instance).


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            Really nice article but you should do something about that editor's choice image. It's very unappealing! At least make the design professional so third party websites can use it without being ashamed.


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              I don't know about anyone else but I'm tired of reading ATI apologists crapping all over these types of articles. If you have a problem with the tests, then say. But, they're not. They're subject jabs at Nvidia and Nvidia cards.

              This should be considered an embarrassing report on ATI and their POS support in Linux. Darn brand new Nvidia card at least works. Yet, the older Radeon card barely gets by in some cases and in others, the Evergreen cards released over 8 mths ago can't even participate in some of the tests!

              Pathetic! XvBA and artifacts? Regressions?

              If video playback on Linux is critical to you and a very common task, VDPAU with NVIDIA hardware is certainly the best approach.
              while going with an Evergreen class GPU right now you'll be waiting for the open-source support to improve.
              So, even when they have the code, it's still not really usable?!? Nine or so months after release of the series of R800/Evergreen cards??!?!? You gotta be kidding me?!?

              I'm sure more hogwash sugarcoating from the ATI apologists are on its way! Maybe they'll offer vodka to prospective video card buyers who are on the fence?

              I guess Microsoft gave the ATI driver developers raises to continue sticking their fingers in their pocket and longer smoke breaks.


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                I'm curious when NVIDIA will release FERMI cards which compete with Radeon HD 5570, 5670 and 5750.
                If NVIDIA needs a few month more they might have to compete to ATI cards of the 6000 series, which will be released within the next few month.

                But looks like NVIDIA have at least very competetive cards at the 170EUR+ price range. Thats fine, but for common Linux games currently a bit oversized IMHO.


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                  I guess you have to wait about 3-4 weeks from now.


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                    Nice, why don't you try Radeon HD5970 that should be crazy, i guess but why not.

                    My G31 from board runs pretty much all games on Linux just fine, V-Drift is not loading up but anything else just ok, Linux likes all hardware just stay at open source drivers and you will be just fine. I almost wish why i didn't get G41 that would be awesome.


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                      I've got this exact same card from Palit (Gainward if you guys didn't know) and I'd like to see what the card BIOS update out there does besides fix fan/heat issues on the card. I'm not running mine under Windows, so I haven't installed the BIOS myself, but I had noticed that the fan never drops below 50% on the stock BIOS. It's not entirely clear what they did, but apparently it allows cooler operation while also keeping fan noise lower.

                      Oh, and I'm pissed that Nvidia didn't include overclocking in the 256.44 drivers under Linux. Hopefully we'll get that fabled 260 series driver they've been hyping up and it'll unleash the GTX 460's potential.