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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 On Linux

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  • Originally posted by Qaridarium
    openGL upper than 2.1 ogl3+4 is just death no game use it no one need it clever and smart humans don't want it because they know openCL is the best.
    Unigine's Oil Rush game requires GL3 minimum. It's true that most of GL3 and 4 is just gravy on top of GL2, but you could say the same thing about DX10/11 versus DX9 on Windows. Sure, you can still write impressive DX9 software, but the more modern features are being used more and more often.


    • Originally posted by Qaridarium
      so your fokusing on benchmark results are not very clever because this kind of people only use catalyst to be the "fastest" in the benchmarks...
      fglrx is not only the fastest, but also the most featurish. Though, those features are poorly supported.

      in daily use it makes no sence to me do benchmarks all the time...

      i know a lot of linux users and a lot of them just surfing in the web and watch videos and play music and this kind of people use radeon and this people are much more than the geeks using more than that.
      Pretty sure.

      if the radeon driver gets shader based video acceleration and opencl support the catalyst will lose more marketshare be sure !
      "If", this doesn't mean in a timely manner, neither with the same level of performance and functionality. Current OpenCL implementations are rather poor, both on the NVIDIA and ATI side. Some things are still better implemented in either CAL or CUDA. What a mess.


      • Originally posted by junesby22
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