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NVIDIA Updates Two Of Their Old Legacy Drivers

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  • NVIDIA Updates Two Of Their Old Legacy Drivers

    Phoronix: NVIDIA Updates Two Of Their Old Legacy Drivers

    NVIDIA has finally got around to issuing an update to two of their legacy drivers that allows those with old GeForce hardware to run it with newer Linux distributions using X.Org Server 1.8. Beyond the new X Server compatibility, the NVIDIA 173.14.75 pre-release driver update also fixes two bugs. The NVIDIA 96.43.18 legacy update doesn't bring X.Org Server 1.8 support, but it carries two bug-fixes...

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    NVIDIA does not always update their drivers simultaneously. It is likely too early to suggest that they are discontinuing driver support for their older products. It likely takes more time to backport improvements to their older drivers and instead of making people wait, they are releasing the backported improvements they have ready sooner, rather than later.


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      For those with NVIDIA graphics cards older than the GeForce 5 series, this basically means it's the end of the line for having proprietary NVIDIA driver support on newer Linux distributions. At least there is the Nouveau Gallium3D driver created by the community that supports this older hardware and for the oldest fixed-function graphics cards there is the classic Mesa Nouveau driver.
      Er, no. The Gallium3D driver precisely supports GeForce 5 and newer, and none of the cards which are older than that.


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        legacy support from nvidia is pretty good imho.

        I have a Geforce 4200 AGP in a old p4 and this antique system stil plays 720p and the few 1080p movies I tried. Best investment ever


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          Very nice! It gives hope to me about my GeForce G110M's support in the future )


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            I think, that support newest X.Org in drivers that have 7 years is stupid. It takes long time to backport it, and do it stable. Ppl who are using this graphics should use open source noveau or buy new hardware which isnt so cost right now, if we talk about system with PCI-X.