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NVIDIA Publishes Code For X Synchronization Fences

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  • Originally posted by kraftman View Post
    Big iron, uh? : D
    Yummy. So, what you're saying is that because the source is open, any improvements to it are a consequence of this opennes. This is question-begging. You could make an identical argument for anything else.

    Yummy. Openess, license and development model can have some influence on this, but same openess guarantee nothing in this case.
    Wait a second, where did you take that yummy from? What are you quoting? Just curious.


    • Originally posted by yotambien View Post
      Wait a second, where did you take that yummy from? What are you quoting? Just curious.
      You said "Big iron, uh : D" and I was flaming with somebody for quite a long about this, so yummy means here something like - this taste great.


      • All right, it's just that I never wrote that, and you quoted it as if I did. It doesn't matter, but for a moment I was confused and had to actually check whether I have a personality disorder when I type stuff.

        Anyway, if we trust Wikipedia, there are over a million computer viruses out there, and by 2006 there were about 63 of them for MacOS. I didn't find any updated figures, but I think that's very, very good, even if you take into account the ratio between market share numbers.


        • Originally posted by val-gaav View Post
          Nope it is not ready yet. I'll be sure to try it in the future though as I will have no choice and have to upgrade due to other software...
          I tried my PCI TNT2 but it was dead so had to go looking for my AGP one which I finally found.

          Installed it into a PIII based 1.2GHz Celeron with 512M. Installed Ubuntu 10.04 and updated it. I left it running the card with Nouveau and ran some stuff.

          Desktop was @ 1024x768

          Web browsing is fine. Flash based advertisements are displayed correctly and at a descent rate.

          Flash based Youtube was watchable when windows but not when fullscreen. Even my 5870 in a quad core box is far from perfect with Flash video playback though.

          Some Flash games were OK and some sucked.

          Video playback was surprisingly good in some cases.
          DVD type video was completely find both windowed and fullscreen as was ogg-theora. mp4 video at 1280x566 was painfully slow. Probably more to do with the CPU than anything else though.

          Open Arena even at 640x480 was too slow to play but you could kind of get the idea what was going on.
          Some of the OpenGL Screen savers were fine like GLMatrix and such but others were a bit choppy.

          Graphically simpler games were fine.

          As far as word-processing and general desktop stuff goes it was completely usable. I'd rate Nouveau as good to go for a productivity desktop but not ready for GL games, at least not with a TNT2.

          What was it you were wanting to run with your card?