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PowerMizer Is Not Likely The Problem In 256.xx Issue

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  • PowerMizer Is Not Likely The Problem In 256.xx Issue

    Phoronix: PowerMizer Is Not Likely The Problem In 256.xx Issue

    One of the articles published on Phoronix this week was NVIDIA's 256.25 Beta Linux Driver Slows Things Down? With NVIDIA's first 256.xx Linux beta driver we encountered significant performance drops from a ZaReason notebook with a NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M graphics processor. Some thought that PowerMizer was to blame, but this does not appear to be the case...

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    maybe the 256 beta was built with debugging flags?

    but that doesn't explain why some people don't notice regressions.


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      the mistary continues

      Nice response test.


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        Couldn't it still be a powermizer issue where the driver is doing something fancy like limiting the number of commands it sends to the GPU?

        I don't know, i just think that plugging in the AC and checking that it isn't downclocking may not be enough to rule it out.

        Do you not have any desktop cards you can check?


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          what about the OS?
          with all the backporting madness at ubuntu....


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            sry for the double post

            and what about amd processor?

            (sry for being a noob XD)


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              Ya I would like to see this test done on a discreet card. Something isn't jiving here. One person reported slower performance on nvnet and the rest are reporting back that it actually is faster.


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                It's also entirely possible it's a distro specific issue (which wouldn't surprise me at all).


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                  The performance regression is present on my system as well:

                  - Debian Sid
                  - x86_64
                  - GNOME 2.28 / Metacity
                  - custom built kernel

                  NVidia 190.53: Everything fine, with and without a compositing window manager

                  NVidia 195.36.24: A single OpenGL application still works ok but slows down the rest of the GUI. Activating compositing yields abysmal performance.

                  NVidia 256.25: Somewhat better than 195.36.24 but still noticable slowdowns when running more than one application at a time.

                  So far the old 190.53 series delivers the best perceived speed on my system. (NVidia GTX 260 card)


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                    guys/gals do post test results as well to backup your claims either for slowdowns or speedups or else simple 'impressions' might not be anything else but placebo

                    get the latest Unigine Sanctuary / Tropics / Heaven or LightsMark and do test them with each driver version on your system at this moment

                    if you don't bother to test why bother to post?