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A New NVIDIA Driver Coming

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  • A New NVIDIA Driver Coming

    Yesterday NVIDIA had unveiled the GeForce 8500 and GeForce 8600 series, but right now the NVIDIA Linux binary driver does not support the 8500/8600 drivers. When will the new driver come? Well, according to Lonni Friedman (a.k.a. netllama), a new NVIDIA Linux driver will be out in the near future. Lonni mentioned the driver will be hosted at nZone, which leads me to believe that it will be a Beta driver as opposed to an official release. However, this Beta driver will be the first in the new 100.xx.xx series. This new driver series should also introduce some other goodies as outlined by this recent Phoronix article. I have logged into the NVOnline Partner website, but unfortunately no details have been shed on the GeForce 8500/8600 driver. A gut feeling of mine thinks the beta driver will be pushed out on the afternoon of April 19 or next week. An updated Solaris and FreeBSD driver will likely accompany the new Beta driver. Will we finally see FreeBSD SLI support? I think not.
    Michael Larabel