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What Do You Want From NVIDIA's Next Driver?

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  • What Do You Want From NVIDIA's Next Driver?

    Phoronix: What Do You Want From NVIDIA's Next Driver?

    With NVIDIA having released a stable 195.xx Linux driver and are working on a second stable update that's due out in the coming days, the bulk of the driver development work is now focused on their next major driver series. This next major driver release from NVIDIA is the 256.xx series, but what are you hoping it will bring forth?..

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    NVIDIA's Next Driver

    I would like to have stero capabelites or nvidia 3d vision on Geforce line of cards in the next driver release. Another thing would be to have kernel mode setting or that Nvidia open soruce the part of the driver that is required to get kernelmode setting.


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      I'd like to see SLI + dual head capability both with Twinview and separate X screens (which is what I'm using currently). Currently you can't run a dual head setup with SLI enabled.


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        I think you nailed it pretty much already, Michael. Kernel Mode Setting, Xrandr >=1.2 and (less importantly but still nice) Optimus support.


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          It really bothers me that there's no way to enable powermizer with dual monitors. They say it wouldn't be able to drive two monitors at the lowest powermizer level with compositing, but when I manually underclock to the same clock speeds, it runs perfectly. I don't care if powermizer is disabled by default with dual monitors, but at least allow some way to enable it manually. It worked back in the 180 series, but I can't go back to the horrible 2D performance from those days and lose vdpau.

          I would also like to see the ability to rotate one of the two monitors without losing acceleration. Acceleration only works in Twinview, which requires you to rotate all your monitors the same way.


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            Stereo for consumer GPUs is a big one, and that would be one of two reasons for me to switch back to the blob driver.* I don't care about KMS or Gallium. Those are implementation details.

            * the other being a Linux release of Half Life 2: Episode 3.


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              Full Xrandr >=1.2 support.
              Improvements in power-management.
              KMS nvidia-edition (all VT's using the same video-driver).
              Enable Stereo-support on consumer-cards.


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                Originally posted by phoronix View Post
                Phoronix: What Do You Want From NVIDIA's Next Driver?
                Source and HW specs.

                Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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                  KMS please

                  Echoing what several other people have said already, I would like to see KMS on the next driver. Gallium3D would be nice too. That is what I like about Nouveau, but its OpenGL performance is mediocre compared to the binary blob.


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                    Why would anyone want Galium3d for the nvidia blob? Nvidia already have a galium3d'ish implementation in their blob.

                    +1 for the hardware specifications.