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NVClock 0.8 Beta 2 Released

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  • NVClock 0.8 Beta 2 Released

    Hi Michael,

    The past couple of months I have been extremely busy with my study and other things. I also didn't have much time for NVClock or Wine hacking.

    Recently I had some time to fix up NVClock and today I'm happy to announce a new beta. The version contains all the bugfixes, rewrites and other changes from the past couple of months.

    More information can be found on

    # Geforce 7300/7600/7800GS/7900 support
    # Smartdimmer suppport for 7600Go laptops
    # Fanspeed adjustment support for 7600/7800GS/7900 cards
    # Support for ADT7473/W83781D sensors
    # PCI id modding support (Quadro faking)
    # Temperature reading fixes for internal sensor
    # Fanspeed adjustment fixes for NV3x/NV4x boards
    # Pipeline modding fixes
    # Bios parsing fixes
    # Improved (experimental) lowlevel overclocking / clock reading for NV4x/G7x boards
    # Added temperature (-T) switch to nvclock cli
    # Adjusted -F / -S switch to support incremental fanspeed/smartdimmmer values
    # Added PCI-Express info reading
    # Rewritten core backend
    Feel free to comment.
    Michael Larabel

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    Very nice!

    I love this program, it's awesome! Glad to hear the author didn't forget about it.


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      localhost rwilliams # nvclock -s
      Card:           nVidia Geforce 7800GT
      Card number:    1
      Memory clock:   1071.000 MHz
      GPU clock:      8.883 MHz
      Any idea why the GPU clock is toying with me?


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        Can you post the debugging output from NVClock for your card? (-D if I recall correctly, otherwise just look at the help)

        What BIOS version is on your eVGA 7800GT? (Is the card a stock one or a CO variant or what)

        I'll redirect Roderick to this page right now; I believe some users had reported this problem in the past.
        Michael Larabel


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          Ahh yes. My BIOS was one that a friend made... he mainly increased the voltage. So maybe that's why. Of course I forgot about that =/

          --- nVidia Geforce 7800GT GPU registers ---
          NV_PMC_BOOT_0 (0x0): 047200a1
          NV_10F0 (0x10f0): 00007fff
          NV_1540 (0x1540): 73ff7f37
          NV_15B0 (0x15b0): 10000069
          NV_15B4 (0x15b4): 0800001b
          NV_15B8 (0x15b8): 94800000
          NV_15F0 (0x15f0): 00000000
          NV_15F4 (0x15f4): 80000265
          NV_15F8 (0x15f8): 000003ff
          NV_C010 (0xc010): 08800080
          NV_C014 (0xc014): 00000000
          NV_C018 (0xc018): 00800080
          NV_C01C (0xc01c): 00000000
          NV_C020 (0xc020): 00000000
          NV_C024 (0xc024): 00000000
          NV_C028 (0xc028): 00000000
          NV_C02C (0xc02c): 00000000
          NV40_NVPLL_A (0x4000): 8000011f
          NV40_NVPLL_B (0x4004): 011f3305
          NV_4008 (0x4008): 01f10000
          NV_400C (0x400c): 00000000
          NV_4010 (0x4010): c001011f
          NV_4014 (0x4014): 011f1402
          NV_4018 (0x4018): 0003001f
          NV_401C (0x401c): 08021805
          NV40_MPLL_A (0x4020): e400001c
          NV40_MPLL_B (0x4024): 11030e02
          NV_4028 (0x4028): eede8999
          NV_402C (0x402c): e400001c
          NV_4030 (0x4030): 11030e02
          NV_4034 (0x4034): aa990000
          NV_4038 (0x4038): e400001c
          NV_403C (0x403c): 11030e02
          NV_4040 (0x4040): bbbb0000
          NV_4044 (0x4044): e400001c
          NV_4048 (0x4048): 11030e02
          NV_404C (0x404c): ba9a0000
          NV_4050 (0x4050): 00000000
          NV_4054 (0x4054): 00000000
          NV_4058 (0x4058): 00000000
          NV_405C (0x405c): 00000000
          NV_4060 (0x4060): 00000000
          NV_PFB_CFG0 (0x100200): 43003073
          NV_PFB_TIMING0 (0x100220): 070c1b13
          NV_PFB_TIMING1 (0x100224): 09010607
          NV_PFB_TIMING2 (0x100228): 21240508
          NV_NVPLL_COEFF_A (0x680500): 00000000
          NV_MPLL_COEFF_A (0x680504): 00000000
          NV_VPLL_COEFF (0x680508): 00011402
          NV_PLL_COEFF_SELECT (0x68050c): 00000204
          NV_NVPLL_COEFF_B (0x680570: 00000000
          NV_MPLL_COEFF_B (0x680574: 00000000


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            Are you sure that you are really using version 0.8 beta2? I ask this because the problem shouldn't appear in beta2 anymore as it got fixed. There's no way it can appear.

            I did some quick check on the source and this really is beta1 because beta2 shows some more lines in its debug output when you run -D. Upgrade to the latest version
            Last edited by Thunderbird; 08-01-2006, 07:53 AM.


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              Bah, sorry. I didn't notice the '2' in the title, so I did use 0.8b.

              localhost bin # ./nvclock -s
              Card:           nVidia Geforce 7800GT
              Card number:    1
              Memory clock:   1071.000 MHz
              GPU clock:      275.400 MHz
              Much better. Sorry for the hassle