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Upgrading and Nvidia Graphics card

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    Some points at random,
    Where I live dial up is still quite common, it is either that or satelite and I have heard plenty of complaints from satelite broadband users, Interactive use being very slow.

    Satelite broadband suffers a number of problems, first is name server look up delays. These slow page loading very badly. This can be made a great deal better by using a caching name server (which i have).

    Most (all?) satelite broadband plans around here suffer from in my opinion some very poor conditions on download limits and over the cap penaltys which come close to highway robbery, ie VERY expensive.

    Australian rural scene even in Victoria where i live has not a large population and cannot justify the capital required to get a real good broadband setup in place. There is a suggestion I may in future be able to get radio broadband via the 3G digital mobile network I will believe that though when I see it working.

    Some people (me for instance) like to live in a remote area and this sort of thing comes with the territory.