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    NVIDIA: I have two monitors, and I would like to be able to rotate one of them. RANDR 1.2 would let me do this; when will your driver support it?


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      Another question:
      What about PhysX support on Linux? If CUDA and OpenCL are here already why not port it too?
      Ageia had a Linux SDK at since 2005.


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        Are they ever going to release even the smallest part of specs required for implementation of open source drivers, like ATI is already doing.

        There's no need to release parts of specs covered by patents - I just want basic stuff like 2D acceleration and basic OpenGL 2.0 acceleration to work under NVIDIA card.


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          2D performance on Linux

          Originally posted by unix_epoch View Post
          Will NVIDIA do anything to improve the 2D performance of their drivers...
          I would like to add another strong vote of support for this question. It is clear to me that there are performance deficiencies in NVIDIA's Linux drivers for those of us who are not running games.

          I have performed some tests recently where a brand new quad-core desktop can be downright unusable with an app workload consisting entirely of 2D business applications on RHEL5. Profiling reveals that the nvidia driver code causes the single threaded Xorg process to pin one of the CPU cores at 100%, at which point the user interface becomes sluggish. The same system running the same applications on an ATI card runs just fine with low CPU utilization. The recent driver updates from NVIDIA have proven to be disappointing. Are there not enough of us 2D "power users" for this to be a priority?


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            As a Linux customer and Nvidia 7000 series user, I prefer graphics cards that feature low power consumption, a lack of DRM, open drivers/specs, and of course great performance While there are lots of good questions here, I don't think these have been asked:

            How difficult would it be for Nvidia or their partners to release cards without DRM considering the demand for such DRM remains low?

            Seeing graphics cards require 2 PCI-E power connectors scares me. Does Nvidia plan on releasing modern video cards (current gen) that only require one PCI-E power connector?


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              my questions are follow -

              - does support vdpau cards correctly interlace output ? is there any messing or missing field in that interlaced mode ? how is it possible to adjust the corrected interlaced mode ?
              have a look please on that discussion

              the main reason why nvidia chooses to deinterlace always even if you use an
              interlaced video timing is not the scaling problem you mention. This could
              be eventually solved (albeit not perfectly) by scaling both fields

              The main reason is: even with VDPAU there still exists no synchronization
              between stream and video timing.

              That means there will be an arbitrary amount of lost/doubled fields with
              current VDPAU implementation.

              Nvidias workaround now is to deinterlace all content in any case. As a
              result these field losses are (mostly) not directly visible to the human eye.

              Ceasing from deinterlacing here would reveal field sequence problems
              (caused by missing stream-synchronization) immediately.



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                "Stereo" 3D on the Samsung 120 Hz LCD monitor:

                When will there be a driver for Linux?

                What hardware will and will not work for this?
                - What graphics cards?
                - Is it necessary to buy the "GeForce 3D" emitter and glasses? I have heard the CrystalEyes equip is not compatible.

                I have $$$$$, and I am ready to buy! Give me a product that works, clear information on what I need, and I'll buy half a dozen of these subsystems the next day. I need them for scientific visualization.
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                  CUDA Facilitation and VDPAU for Editing Software

                  1. Will NVIDIA bring out support so VDPAU can be used in editing software as well (copy the decoded video data back into main memory).

                  2. Will NVIDIA facilitate CUDA support e.g. in x264, xvid, ffmpeg or any other linux projects? If so, then how?


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                    Any chance of getting any, even partial, VDPAU support for first gen PureVideo cards (GeForce 6-8)?


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                      When will 71 series support current xserver? It was announed first that this will happen, but it did never happen.