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Got Any Questions For NVIDIA About Linux?

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    Originally posted by sakuramboo View Post
    Ever since AMD/ATI opened up their drivers, has NVIDIA gotten any technology from the AMD/ATI code base or anything that might have benefited NVIDIA? Can just be a yes/no answer since that might go into the realm of NDA's.
    Lol come on, the answer is always going to be no even if they did benefit from AMD going open source.


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      Here my questions:

      Your program "The way it's meant to be played" is very popular on Windows platform. Does it exist for Linux too? If not, do you think it could be something interesting to do?


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        why game work under linux slower?


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          My questions would be:
          How about opening drivers at least for unsupported cards that used the old driver serie 89 (geforce 1,2) and maybe also the 96/173 series (geforce 3,4 and geforce 5)?
          With a geforce 1 or 2 you can't use the newer version of xorg with 3d.
          A driver for the nvidia-based motherboard's firewall?


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            Three non-tech-support questions to consider:

            AMD and Intel offer significantly better driver support "out of the box". What is Nvidia planning to do in order to catch up? Are there any plans to help the Nouveau developers, either by providing documentation (either under NDAs or in the open) or by answering technical hardware-related questions?

            How does Nvidia tackle the issue of security in their drivers? Is there any formal security audit process in place? This is especially important in the workstation space.

            How does the driver development process work? In the recent months, there was a torrent of alpha and beta quality drivers (more like daily builds), but afterwards drivers releases started to slow down. Is this a reflection of the internal driver development process (introduce features -> work on stability -> release stable)? Who calls the shots on releasing or not releasing a specific driver build (is there a formal process of testing)?


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              My question:
              What about 3D Stereo on Linux on consumer cards ( 3D Vision and 3D Vision Discover )?
              iZ3D drivers have a way to run OpenGL games in 3D in Windows ( emulated quad-buffer ) that works for anaglyph red/cyan even on a weak nVidia 6200, yet the official nVidia 3D drivers don't offer anything like this, not even the basic anaglyph.
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                If the nVidia Linux driver devs had a wishlist for changes to Linux and accompanying libraries/software, what would the top few items be?

                What package (Xorg, kernel, etc) has the most room for improvement to better complement video drivers such as nVidia's for 3d acceleration, desktop effects, video playback, etc and in what way?

                AMD was able to open source and/or document a lot by separating out the parts they couldn't legally disclose. Similar problems have been cited as preventing nVidia from open sourcing their driver (licensed 3rd parts code, etc). Could nVidia use the same strategy?

                Can you speculate on the future of the 2D only open source nv driver vs the nouveau driver? Will be dropped, beefed up, stay the same?
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                  Originally posted by phoronix View Post
                  Phoronix: Got Any Questions For NVIDIA About Linux?

                  If you have any (non-tech support) questions about NVIDIA and Linux, ask away! Phoronix will be hosting a question and answer session with NVIDIA regarding their Linux graphics driver. If you have any questions to ask, click on the "Comments and Discussion" button below and ask away in our forums...


                  I like all those questions. =)

                  What tools are used to create, debug, compile code.


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                    Are there any plans to provide GEM / KMS interfaces (interfaces, because AFAIK nvidia driver has own memory manager.) to NVIDIA hardware (and submit patches to kernel if it's not possible to provide interfaces) ? It is important because it allows to speed up developments like , or maybe google's (now secret) windowing system, and eventually abolish old problematic X.


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                      - There had been talks about focusing on supporting RandR, however nothing happened since in that direction. Is RandR 1.2/1.3 integration planned? TwinView is nice, but RandR is an interface used by basically the whole graphics tools/driver stack on the desktop except NVIDIA's.