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NVIDIA 555.42.02 Linux Beta Brings Wayland Explicit Sync, GSP Firmware Used By Default

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    Finally. Now, waiting for Plasma to be Vulkan ready to provide both Vulkan rendering and composition by default.


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      Originally posted by ranixon View Post
      And not just being worked on.

      Current phase is refinement, as different stakeholder look at implementing it or are already attempting it.

      It is impressive how many improvements were applied over the different phases, how edge cases were discovered and solved, how naming became ever more consistent, documentation improved and so on.

      All diligently incorporated by the protocol's proposer, Matthias Klumpp.


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        Originally posted by mxan View Post
        A great milestone for sure, but unfortunately Wayland still lacks several important features 16 years into its existence.
        • No standard accessibility stack (almost every accessibility feature is broken and Freedesktop themselves admit it),
        • No standard input method protocols (KDE's own David Edmudson has admitted none of the *six* input method protocols are good enough),
        • Portals are a mess (see the DRM leasing fiasco in GNOME),
        • There's still no push-to-talk support (global shortcuts was supposed to fix this, wasn't it? So how come it's not fixed?),
        • There's still no cursor warping (needed by several CAD and 3D modelling programs)
        • Autotype from password managers is impossible to implement because of Wayland's "security" model (Wayland was designed for embedded, not desktop),
        • Session restore and colour management are still nowhere to be seen despite both being worked on for over 4 years now
        • Recovering from crashes is still only supported by KDE 6 and Qt 6 - GNOME thinks it's "absolutely stupid" to have a reliable desktop apparently, and wlroots continue to just sit on the sidelines doing nothing about it either
        • Windows still can't set their own icons (protocol for this was trashed by GNOME, of course)
        And myriad other problems...
        Be noted that the crash problem isn't exclusive to Wayland compositors. If the X server crashes, it also affects all X11 applications.


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          Originally posted by rabcor View Post
          But Nvidia has been accomodating the eccentricities of the wayland devs, gradually, maybe even a bit begrudgingly, and certainly slowly, but they have.
          The eglstreams time frame Nvidia was basically saying Wayland you will do this our way. Problem is Nvidia Eglstreams by 2020 Nvidia developers had to finally admit that eglsreams design just could not work.

          Explicit sync for wayland protocol was proposed in 2016 not merged because the design was DRI/DMABUF based and this was not eglstreams compadible. Yes the recent explicit sync extension merged in to wayland protocol was the update 2016 proposal now that Nvidia has agreed to support DRI/DMABUF stuff. Nvidia has not complete this yet.

          There are other protocol proposed Wayland extensions before Nvidia agreed to do the DRI/dmabuf stuff that could still be merged.

          eglstreams had the idea that sync logic could be all implemented in userspace with no kernel space cooperation. This just does not work and it took Nvidia a decade to work this out. You have the kernel scheduler that is handing out cpu time and terminating processes that kind of need to have basic idea of what it need to do with synced objects so stuff don't deadlock or other stupid things don't happen.

          Originally posted by rabcor View Post
          Freedesktop, the same organization responsible for wayland is also responsible for X11, did u know that? It's basically their decision to not have a dedicated maintainer for X11. .
          That wrong Freedesktop does not make the decision on maintainers. Freedesktop does not pay the Wayland maintainer or any other maintainer at Freedesktop. Freedesktop is basically the hosting. Companies are free to provide their staff to be maintainers at Freedesktop. Redhat for a long time use to pay for the maintainer of X11 they stopped deciding only to maintain Xwayland and Oracle has only provide a maintenance maintainer X11

          rabcor hard reality freedesktop and don't have the money to pay a maintainer a wage. Yes itself is less than 40 thousand dollars in the bank account. If they paid anyone. Right you could employ a single india developer for ~3-4 years then you have zero money. Yes a single developers wage is more than the totally yearly income of

          This is why everything is in such a mess. There no money here. and freedesktop basically have to beg for company hand outs and if they don't get the handouts of staff they simple cannot do particular things at all. One of those is have full time X11 maintainer no company is willing to provide the handout so no maintainer.
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            Originally posted by mxan View Post
            Wayland was designed for embedded, not desktop
            A common misconception due to the early adoption of Wayland on Embedded Linux.

            Which, if we think about it, is not surprising as a compositor on an embedded system has fewer requirements and building one from ground up was easier than to strip an existing X11 server down.

            On desktop there are far more requirements applications expect from the compositor and the of legacy extension in Xorg weren't as much of a burden.
            Thus the slower uptake.


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              Can't wait for the stable release. This is a huge step forward for NVidia on Linux


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                2024 and Linux people still fighting about which is less shit: Xorg or Wayland. The absolute state!


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                  Originally posted by rabcor View Post

                  Maybe he'll go down in history as the worst maintainer to ever attempt to maintain anything... for how spectacularly he has failed.
                  People who maintain Wayland are the same people who used to maintain x11, so their biggest mistake was being the guy with the most knowledge of x11 codebase in the world 😂🤣🤣


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                    Originally posted by Weasel View Post
                    Because it can't do basic shit by design, such as querying window absolute positions, or positioning them, or parenting a process' window inside of another app as a child (YES EVEN IF BOTH APPS PERMIT EACH OTHER!).

                    Broken by design.
                    I can position my windows just fine. Wayland is working great here. It does everything I need. You are the POS.


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                      No thanks! Until Nvidia driver source is in the mainline kernel, I am not interested.