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NVIDIA 190.16 Driver Brings OpenGL 3.2 To Linux

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      Originally posted by mirv View Post
      Ok, you're turning this into an attack on open source (which, btw, was not in my original statement - it was simply that the drivers I used were open source...mostly).
      And by the time doom3 came out, I was using firegl (ran fine, btw).
      Nvidia's "latest support" for opengl is extensions to their own driver - manufacturer specific, not newer versions of opengl. Other companies do this as well.
      And I did try maya - yep, it ran. Wine ran with milkshape3d under linux and r200 drivers. So if you want to keep attacking that, go ahead, but I'll no longer respond. This is way off topic, and all I originally intended was to correct something (that other companies have had linux support for quite some time too).
      Sorry at that snapshot of time, you could not run doom 3 off the opensource drivers. It took a long time for mesa to finally achieve the ogl level required to run it. Same with Maya. If you want to run something months or even years later after the application that requires a higher release of ogl then you may sit with the foss drivers. Just for example apps that required ogl 2.1 support even though the spec was out in August of 2006 it took until June of 2007 to get support for it. Same with ogl 3 right now. If you want to develop with it you are tied to the blobs as there is no support for it yet in the foss drivers despite the spec being out since August of last year.

      Right from the Doom 3 FAQ:


      ATI's Proprietary Linux Drivers (fglrx) version 3.14.6 and up will run DOOM3. Download fglrx from
      The DRI drivers for ATI cards may run the game with some tweaking ( you need to apply the S3TC patch for instance ). But the rendering quality will be sub-optimal, as a number of important graphic features are not available in the DRI drivers.
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        Changes since 190.16:
        • Fixed an initialization problem on some mobile GPUs.
        • Worked around X.Org X server Bugzilla bug #22804. This bug allows X clients to send invalid XGetImage requests to the hardware, leading to screen corruption or hangs. This was most commonly triggered by running JDownloader in KDE 4.
        • Fixed a crash in nvidia-settings displaying GPU information when in Xinerama.


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          Originally posted by deanjo View Post
          Right from the Doom 3 FAQ:

          I might also add that that capability only came well after it's release and the notes originally read:

          Do not send me reports about the game not working on ATI card. Either with fglrx driver or the DRI driver. We know about this already, and at this point there is nothing we can do."


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            And still nothing about XRandR 1.2 or 1.3