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NVIDIA 545.29.02 Linux Driver Released With Much Better Wayland Support

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    with "modern" games being crap and boring using old gfx cards is very viable to enjoy the peak gaming for a very good low price.


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      Originally posted by Danny3 View Post
      Yeah right!
      But who knows, it might be true in a way, since they're coming from no and garbage level Wayland support.
      I would still not use a Nvidia GPU, even if someone gives me one gratis!

      But let me guess, when KDE Plasma and others will bring HDR support, it will still not work on Nvidia GPUs, does Nvidia's driver supprt HDR, in any way or at least it plans to in the following months?
      Back in the day young people (me included) was having a tamagotchi. After so many years when the market was saturated and you would almost get one for free, that is when certain people were getting one because they/their parents did not have the financial means to buy one.

      This is the same with Nvidia. When everybody is having all kind of awesome features and stability with their AMD GPU's and people have almost forgotten the horrible times when having a Nvidia in combination with wayland, then suddenly you will see all kind of support and fixes for bugs.

      I would almost not be shocked if they are waiting until the source code of AMD is updated with new features in the Linux kernel and they using that code for their Linux drivers..but off course keeping their source code still proprietary.

      Useless company in my eyes. Intel at least has good Linux drivers although i am no longer a big fan of their CPU, their WiFi card are superb.


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        i am currently using 545.23.06 beta drivers and am a bit confused about deep color and 10 bit color i.e 30 bit color depth. I am not sure if the two are the same but using 30 bit color depth in the beta drivers kde wayland is somewhat usable but some programs seems to have issues like steam or chromium. I will have test the newer drivers at some other time. I use a 3090ti gpu at the moment and have not had any real issues but wayland is still wonky for gaming so I stick with x for now.


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          Am surprised this got pushed out so fast. Seems NVIDIA's driver team is putting in a bit of extra effort.

          I'm just happy their actually trying to do these things as apposed to just standing disgruntled in the corner with their arms crossed .


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            Originally posted by caligula View Post

            Not for those who use Geforce 700 series or older (excluding GTX 745/750). There are still many who use GT 710 or 730.
            GPUs of this caliber are usually just used for basic display-out, so running Nouveau is likely fine for these users (especially with the new shader compiler coming).

            Alternatively, you can pick up a AMD Radeon R5 340X 2GB GDDR3 for 10 bucks on eBay, which is going to be much better supported on Linux, and a good bit faster as well (for one, most 730 cards use DDR3, not GDDR5).


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              Seems still buggy as fuck under Wayland.
              -> old/random frames when using vrr in games
              -> flickering on desktop
              -> performance hit compared to x11
              -> games dont feel as smooth as on x11


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                Originally posted by caligula View Post

                Not for those who use Geforce 700 series or older (excluding GTX 745/750). There are still many who use GT 710 or 730.
                I have a 710 but it is a GPU very limited in terms of codification. These kind of cards will be supported on Wayland by MESA, but I'm going to switch to a newer card.
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                  Did anyone tested this drivers , under GTX 1080Ti Clear Linux , Gnome 45 , X11 half of my apps can't execute render like Parsec remote can't start at all and World Of Tanks can't load into the main menu. Anyway reverted to the previous beta ones they work fine.


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                    Originally posted by caligula View Post

                    Not for those who use Geforce 700 series or older (excluding GTX 745/750). There are still many who use GT 710 or 730.
                    It is probably obvious to those who have worked with this, but I thought that NVIDIA was criticized for having poor support and that nouveau was fully open source but only worked well with older NV GPU models. So I take it that those NV cards don't work well even with the OSS nouveau driver? Perhaps the latter has been more focused on getting basic I/O and rendering / clocking working than with optimizing the wayland UX, or maybe it doesn't even work great at the basic level with the GF7xx series.


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                      Well NV has some pretty fine developer tools e.g. CUDA, though proprietary, at least they run on almost any GPU they've made in the past 15 or whatever years
                      with programmable shader support. Yes I would have rather seen an open standard (openCL, SYCL, OPENACC, something well multi-vendor supported). But given when they started and the relative lack of competition at least they did something free-as-in-beer to get/use and which works well. We probably wouldn't have a lot of the HPC/AIML stuff we have today to the extent we have it if it wasn't for NV/CUDA.

                      Also unexpectedly it seems like there are unexpected limitations showing with other CL languages & GPU vendors e.g. OpenCL / Intel 4GBy Intel memory allocation limits vs. NV's "unified/heterogeneous memory", AMD's persistent lack of good launch-day/month/year ROCm support for consumer GPUs, Intel's good/bad OSS support.

                      Intel has on the one hand a decent starter DGPU line, decent basic OSS LINUX driver support, but incredibly just does stupid stuff on top of that like
                      a MS Windows control panel that couldn't even control the fans (at least in the first many months' versions), OSS documentation for many of the graphic aspects of their DGPUs but not (AFAICT) a SHRED of documentation on some of the most basic utilitarian things to enable LINUX use -- control the fans, monitor the temperatures / voltages / clocks, control the LEDs, control the power limit, support the ASPM/PM functions so the GPU doesn't sit "almost idle" 98% of the time drawing 41W when if the ASPM / power management worked (i.e. there was a CLI tool or at least the documentation to write an OSS one) it'd take well under 20W sitting at the desktop in many cases.

                      So it's no party having NV because it's too closed in driver / documentation / code / OSS support to have highly functionall OSS at this time. But given their new-ish open kernel modules and published documentation of some tools / APIs I wonder if actually one would theoretically be able to have a better functional free-beer + free OSS "support" system for NV GPUs that actually is equal to or better than what Intel / AMD has now. It doesn't matter if nouveau is years behind the amount of refactoring / support needed to take advantage of all the information / code / tools they do have access to for Ampere, Lovelace, et. al.

                      AMD could maybe be almost perfect for LINUX if they'd supply ROCm support, any needed missing support for control / monitoring (clocks / power / fans / video CODEC / whatever may not be published / OSS).

                      And they are ALL horrible AFAICT wrt. stuff that should be essential for a DGPU -- SR-IOV & guest VM compute / graphics support; ZERO in MSWIN & LINUX both.

                      In a way I think apple / mac has a better "solution" architecturally -- M1-M2-M3 with "unified memory" and very wide RAM buses with high memory bandwidth options so the DRAM bus actually ends up in the high end models with GPU-like memory bandwidth and then unified CPU memory with GPU memory so one doesn't have to use ONLY GPU resources for HPC compute but one can also use CPU resources competitively with what the GPU can add in. Of course NOTHING is open / oss there, tragically.

                      In reality we've got to stop relying on TOYS (gaming GPUs) for the foundation of modern desktop PC compute / graphics. AMD/INTEL/ARM/RISC-V or whoever needs to support a high bandwidth wide V/RAM BUS going into standard desktop processors with the processors having an open ISA and multi-cores so one can have a more true open and also architecturally unified / distributed approach to GPU / compute / graphics / HPC.

                      Originally posted by shinger View Post

                      Useless company in my eyes. Intel at least has good Linux drivers although i am no longer a big fan of their CPU, their WiFi card are superb.