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    Hi there

    a friend of mine wants to know whether he can playback hd videos 1920*1080 with an GeForce 9800 GT and an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400. He wants to do some home cinema stuff... and asked me if i could make him a linux system, well thats not a problem to me.
    Thought of a super slim gentoo system with only x and vlc starting (and alsa, maybe network ^^ just needs to boot fast xD)
    but I'm unsure about hd playback... i looked at google and hit topics that certain video types don't work. Now that VDPAU is out, are there still problems?

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    Subtitles mostly. If you're English-speaking that shouldn't be a problem though.


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      hm okay I'm getting in to it now slowly. I can playback everysampel file I found in the web, BUT i just don't get audio in some
      mplayer and win32codecs don't help, are there audio formats that cannot be played?


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        okay seems i solved the problem. win32codecs only work in 32bit with an 32bit player and the amd64codecs only offer some realtime codecs. so the playback works fine in an 32bit enviroment. i tried in an vmbox xD (i just wanted to know wether audio works) but i even could watch 720p movies nearly flawlessly, didn't expect that