As Phoronix has been stating for some time, the next NVIDIA Linux driver release will likely not publicly surface until August or September of this year.

This will be their initial 1.0-9XXX release.

One of the notable highlights in the next driver is X.Org v7.1 support including GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap.

Among the other likely possibilities include a revamped installer and control panel interface.

For those pondering over when the next NVIDIA Linux display driver will be released, it looks like it may POSSIBLY occur during QuakeCon 2006. QuakeCon 2006 runs from August 3rd to the 6th. This information hasn't yet been confirmed by any sources, and the information is based on a bit more than a hunch.

We have also been staying tuned to Hewlett Packard's FTP servers, among other locations, to see if NVIDIA squeezes out any extra drivers -- such as what they had done with the 1.0-8183 Linux display drivers.

We are working source for more information, and once we have some more details that we are allowed to share, they will be passed on here.

Feel free to speculate at what NVIDIA's upcoming 1.0-9XXX Linux drivers may hold in store, in this thread.