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185.18.14 drivers now official.

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  • 185.18.14 drivers now official.

    They went official today.

    Version: 185.18.14
    Operating System: Linux
    Release Date: June 05, 2009

    Release Highlights
    • Improved compatibility with recent Linux kernels.
    • Fixed a Xinerama drawable resource management problem that can cause GLXBadDrawable errors in certain cases, such as when Wine applications are run.
    • Fixed XineramaQueryScreens to return 0 screens instead of 1 screen with the geometry of screen 0 when XineramaIsActive returns false. This conforms to the Xinerama manual page and fixes an interaction problem with Compiz when there is more than one X screen.
    • Moved kernel module loading earlier in the X driver's initialization, to facilitate more graceful fallbacks if the kernel module cannot be loaded. Removed the LoadKernelModule X configuration option.
    • Added support for new horizontal interlaced and checkerboard passive stereo modes.
    • Fixed an OpenGL driver crash while running Bibble 5.
    • Fixed a DisplayPort interaction problem with power management suspend/resume events.
    • Fixed occasional X driver memory management performance problems when a composite manager is running.
    • Fixed a bug with VT-switching or mode-switching while using Compiz; the bug could lead to a corrupted desktop (e.g., a white screen) or in the worst case an X server crash.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause GPU errors in some cases while driving Quadro SDI products.
    • Fixed a several second hang when VT-switching while OpenGL stereo applications were running on pre-G80 Quadro GPUs.
    • Added support for multiple swap group members on G80 and later Quadro GPUs.
    • Fixed the behavior of the NV_CTRL_FRAMELOCK_SYNC_DELAY NV-CONTROL attribute on Quadro G-Sync II.
    • Fixed a problem with Quadro SDI where transitioning from "clone mode" to "OpenGL mode" would fail.
    • Fixed VDPAU to eliminate some cases of corruption when decoding H.264 video containing field-coded reference frames on G84, G86, G92, G94, G96, or GT200 GPUs. Such streams are commonly found in DVB broadcasts.
    • Slightly improved the performance of the VDPAU noise reduction algorithm.
    • Enhanced VDPAU to validate whether overlay usage is supported by the current hardware configuration, and to automatically fall back to the blit-based presentation queue if required.
    • Fixed error checking in VdpVideoMixerRender, to reject calls that specify more layers than the VdpMixer was created with.
    • Modified VDPAU's VDPAU_DEBUG code to emit a complete backtrace on all platforms, not just on 32-bit Linux.
    • Improved interaction between VDPAU and PowerMizer; appropriate performance levels should now be chosen for video playback of all standard resolutions on all supported GPUs.
    • Fixed a bug in VDPAU that sometimes caused "display preemption" when the VdpDecoderCreate function failed.
    • Fixed a potential segfault in the VDPAU trace library, triggered by a multi-threaded application creating a new VdpDevice in one thread, at the same time that another thread detected "display preemption".