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NVIDIA Announces The GeForce RTX 40 Series With Much Better Ray-Tracing Performance

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  • NVIDIA Announces The GeForce RTX 40 Series With Much Better Ray-Tracing Performance

    Phoronix: NVIDIA Announces The GeForce RTX 40 Series With Much Better Ray-Tracing Performance

    Jensen Huang's GTC keynote is exciting as always and he just announced the GeForce RTX 40 series along with a host of other announcements for marking this week's NVIDIA event...

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    As usual, everything announced is proprietary tech, with the only function of keeping you locked into their golden cage.

    That said, I started the drinking game and taking a shot every time Omniverse was mentioned so you know that all I can say is....thank you auto-correct for fixing this post. :-)
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      I am still waiting for an announcement of a whole Nvidia PC, with a custom ARM CPU, NVLink and their RTX products and other technologies merged together. I guess they want to expand to such a walled garden to create their own Nvidia ecosystem.


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        The fact that he calls DLSS their greatest innovation tells me they expect to lose ground in actual compute power to AMD already. Looking forward to upcoming AMD GPUs being more powerful and power efficient at the same time.
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          Yikes. Another 200 dollar price increase is a big problem given the way the economy is going.

          The performance increase is impressive, and I'm glad that the power consumption on the 3090 isn't as insanely high as it was initially reported to be, but still. Disappointing.


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            That ADA OmniVerse stuff with Morrowind blew my mind! MAN I want that for sure. Going to budget for a 4090, probably get one eventually, see how local launch goes.

            The 4080 16GB price was a OUCH. Think I'll just get a 4090 in end which ended up being $200USD cheaper then I feared, still pricey!

            I'm sure RDNA4 will be great and RDNA3 will be a great TRAINING ground for their MCM design and more advanced driver feature sets. Hopefully by the time RDNA4 comes around RADV/MESA will be about on par with NVIDIA with DXR in Proton games and FSR2.x or FSR3 will be a decent competitor to DLSS3 stuff.
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              I wish Nvidia someday get competition, sadly CUDA has no alternative , AMD is good with performance but their software support is terrible


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                Boy do Jensen had a narcissistic photo for the video... "Look at me, I'm the best Taiwanese CEO, not that witch in the other company"...

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                  AMD is playing catch up on the software side. They'll get there eventually, I however will jump ship to NVIDIA in meanwhile for a while.


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                    Originally posted by theriddick View Post
                    That ADA OmniVerse stuff with Morrowind blew my mind!
                    It sounds amazing but I found the thing a little suspicious, it completely changed textures and objects. I don't think that was automatic, more like someone put much work in it.