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NVIDIA Announces The GeForce RTX 40 Series With Much Better Ray-Tracing Performance

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    Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
    Boy do Jensen had a narcissistic photo for the video... "Look at me, I'm the best Taiwanese CEO, not that witch in the other company"...
    It's a normal picture, just chill.


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      Overall Nvidia is making some bold claims about performance this gen, which I'll wait for press to verify.
      DLSS 3 stuff seems impressive just from a technical pov alone, but not sure right now how easy it is to implement or side load on an unsupported game or in Linux.


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        Originally posted by Teggs View Post
        In the fields of mathematics and science in general professional respect is shown by referring to a person by their last name. Kepler, Volta, Maxwell, Pascal, Turing... Nvidia would have people believe that they chose Ada Lovelace to name an architecture after out of respect for her accomplishments, but by concentrating on her gender by using her first name they show disrespect for her work as a scientist. I suppose they don't care about any damage they do to the effort to value scientific work apart from the gender of the scientist doing said work.

        I believe it is correct to refer to this architecture as 'Lovelace' no matter what Nvidia says.
        Maybe it was a hint at ADA from Cardano as well?


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          Originally posted by superpenguin View Post
          I found the launch quite impressive, and initially planned to upgrade to this gen from a 1080 but i can't find a product that fit me perfectly in this line up.

          You'll have to wait for a 4050 or maybe a lower end 4060.... Q1 announcements I suspect.


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            Originally posted by birdie View Post

            It's not just motion interpolation, DLSS 3.0 renders almost full frames without using any classic GPU/CPU instructions which will result in an enormous performance increase/power savings. I'm not sure the tech will work for all games.

            Why "almost", because in motion the image changes and there's new stuff (not seen before on the screen) to be rendered anyways using GPU/CPU but depending on how good DLSS 3.0 is, it will mean that you only have to render properly the percentage of the frame which has changed between DLSS interpolations. In games with little motion it means you can use just DLSS 3.0 instead of computing frames using GPU/CPU.

            DLSS 3.0 looks like an alien tech - I've heard about it before but no one imagined anyone could make it work.

            As much as people here hate NVIDIA (for reasons which I personally don't understand at all because they are absolutely illogical, let me repeat once again: NVIDIA does not owe anyone Linux support at all or open source drivers for Linux) the company has basically invented the modern game graphics pipeline starting with programmable shaders ending with RTX/RTRT.
            Nvidia previously said that such technology would be needed to reach 1kHz refresh rates.


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              Originally posted by ryao View Post

              Nvidia previously said that such technology would be needed to reach 1kHz refresh rates.

              Why would you need such refresh rate at the cost of reducing quality, no matter the technology? I don't get the appeal. I'd take the refresh rate that GPU can handle natively without any upscaling, as long as it gives better image quality.


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                Seeing the RTX 4080 12 vs 16G model could be some of the reasons for EVGA really bad reaction. Less memory, less memory bandwidh and less GPU cores... Also note now Nvidia writes up that the 12G and 16G RTX 4080 are meant to be 2 to 4 times faster than the same older generation card. Gets better Nvidia will not be making reference 4080 12G. This looks like silicon that is defective AIB will be told to make into RTX 4080 12G and when it does not perform as well as Nvidia has made out the AIB will be left holding the bag.


                Note the 3080Ti and 3080 of the past generation has the same memory bandwidth. Yes the 3080 has less cores and slightly less ram than the 3080 ti but has the same memory bandwidth..

                Lot of ways with the differences between the RTX 4080 12G and RTX 4080 16G these should have had different model numbers to prevent consumer confusion. Yes Nvidia themselves will not have the consumer confusion because they are not making the RTX 4080 12G version. This is true lack of respect for what AIB have to deal with and it is Nvidia who sets model numbers.


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                  Originally posted by abu_shawarib View Post

                  It's a normal picture, just chill.
                  Taking a snapshot of you behind a birthday cake to keep that very moment as a memory is a "normal picture". But those pictures of CEOs decorating the headline of a new product launch are well choosen by a huge marketing team with a dedicated message. I don't want to go deep into interpretation. But there is a certain " we do rule the gfx world" message which comes with narcissistic traids in this pic.


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                    Originally posted by birdie View Post
                    Key points:
                    • Looks like we've reached the point where the laws of physics no longer allow to get more performance at the same power (envelope) which is really really sad.
                    You are either an absolute NVIDIA fanboy/fanatic or stupid to claim such a thing. Choose one.


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                      seems like an offering for professionals, not average users given the price tag on it

                      like other people said, 30xx cards are still very viable for desktop users with performance to spare. and artifical restrition of dlss3 to absolutely latest cards is a blatant cash grab.

                      at least the prices of last-gen are likely to drop.