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NVIDIA 495.44 Linux Driver Released With GBM Support

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    Originally posted by bosjc View Post

    So you now have a 10 year old NVIDIA potatoe that you can continue to use with X.
    You are Dan Quayle and I claim my $5.


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      Originally posted by Linuxxx View Post

      Curious to know: which problems?

      From my years-long experience of using nVidia GPUs in my HTPCs, I've never encountered any problems whatsoever.
      On the contrary, 'nvidia-settings' allows me to easily set the color range to 'limited' [studio levels], so that blacks are not crushed & whites not overblown.

      And just to put this into perspective:
      AMDGPU still doesn't have this very basic support after all these years:

      Anyone left over at AMD that still cares about the above issue?
      The problems described in that bug turn up with Nvidia when used with particular monitors. Strange EDID information and other data being messed up. Out of specification HDMI data transfer makes all kinds of messes.

      Yes using different adapters result in different voltages and other things that can at times over come the issues temporary.

      There are a stack of different bug reports about Nvidia drivers and TVs some are cables, some are the TV being jackass not to HDMi specification.

      Linuxxx this is one of these case of works for me can happen a lot. Yes people suffering from the problem want to blame AMD or Nvidia alone for the problem without considering that the problem is part that stuff is outside specification. Yes different devices have different tolerances in different areas for out of specification. Yes the tolerances can alter with the version of driver you are using as well.

      Yes in AMD bug "If I use an adapter and plug it in via DVI instead of HDMI, it looks fine." this here should straight up have you going this is trouble. DVI to HDMI adapters have a lot higher tolerance to out of specification HDMI signals. The data to calibrate and setup the monitor AMD drivers use is exactly the same between DVI to HDMI and using the HDMI port if there is a difference you have a data loss problem caused by something being out side HDMI specification. In the amd cases with colour space setup if the communication is good on all ports the results should be absolutely identical when they are not you have a communication problem.

      Yes you find the same thing with Nvidia at times that Display port to HDMI works yet HDMI port on the Nvidia does not work again a case like this the Display port to HDMI part just has a higher tolerance to out of specification. Of course then it come why it out specification bad cable, bad monitor, damaged port on graphic card(yes cracked solder poor joints on the HDMi port).

      If you own good to HDMI specification hardware with good HDMI specification cables you basically don't suffer from a complete set of problems. But there are a lot of users out there Linuxxx suffering from these problems.

      Please note that bug report is different to lack of easy means to set color range. The AMD bug you quotes where the graphics card sets up the wrong colour range by default but then when you use a different port with adapter it magically gets it right this is communication problem/out of specification problem.

      Yes out of specification problem the results can be fun thing with Nvidia at times where you set that X monitor should have Y colour space and the next time you start the computer up it does not apply that colour space why because the monitor ID in the EDID is mangled so now it thinks it is a different monitor.

      Linuxxx really if you are after simpler way to set colour space on a monitor you need to find a different bug report to 476 because that not the problem there.


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        Originally posted by drakonas777 View Post
        Multiple users: I was experiencing problems with NVIDIA GPU.
        birdie: I was not, so you are wrong or lying.

        This whole thread basically LOL
        every birdie comment ever basically. And can you blame him, look how hot jensen is in his leather jacket, such a great company.


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          Originally posted by Myownfriend View Post
          DMA-buf support was added in their 470.x drivers back in June.
          Do you recall the specific version? I'm trying to find something about that in past release notes and haven't had any success so far.


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            good news for the climate, since Hell has now frozen-over.


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              Originally posted by ezst036 View Post

              I would say sell it on Ebay and get an AMD or (when they are released) Intel Arc card so you can live free from the constraints of the closed driver.
              I'd love to have a passively cooled (sub 45 watts) AMD or Intel card. From what I've read, Intel won't have any in the first lineup of cards they release. Nvidia was the last one that made relatively modern low power discrete GPUs (GT 1030 in 2017).


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                Originally posted by Myownfriend View Post

                Literally nobody thinks that. That's your conspiracy brain talking again. I remember arguing with a guy who believed in the world government and his response to anyone that tried to explain how that doesn't make any sense was to say "You LOVE the government." That's you right now with that take. They can't just be against something, they're the heroes in an epic war with religious cultists.
                Repeating this expression while no knowing why it came about indicates exactly that.

                Originally posted by Myownfriend View Post
                Do you make anything better when you spend most of your time on forums defending Nvidia's bad moves, frequently spreading misinfo about Wayland and X, or acting like devs were assholes to you for kindly correcting you?
                1. Never defended NVIDIA 2. Show me misinformation I've been spreading about or Wayland - even if I did, I then apologized and corrected myself

                Originally posted by Myownfriend View Post
                They repeat "Fuck Nvidia" because they agree with it and at least in their minds, they feel like they're pressuring Nvidia to improve and making it known that they're unhappy with Nvidia. What's your goal?

                I've never seen anybody claim Nvidia "owes" the Linux community anything. They're speaking out of frustration not entitlement.
                Unhappy???? Do you go around your life screaming FUCK YOU to everything and everyone you're not content with? How has this worked for you? Do you say "Fuck you" to your employer who doesn't pay you as much as you want? Or your wife? Or your parents and children? Are you out of you mind?? You're defending the lowest meanest behavior possible.

                So much for the open source community, more like "we really love to cuss and hate community". If I were a company to join it, I'd think a 100 times before dealing with it.


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                  Originally posted by Leopard View Post

                  Nvidia literally owns laptop market when it comes to dgpu ones.

                  Nvidia at that time supported both Linux and Windows.

                  Nvidia at that time only supported Optimus on Windows, not Linux.

                  All of those decisions made Linux inferior compared to Windows at that time? Yes

                  When proper Optimus support landed on Linux? At 2019 August

                  Linus's "NV fuck you" reaction happened at 2012.

                  So it should be obvious why that "fuck you" was well deserved.
                  Not a single laptop with NVIDIA at the time advertised Linux compatibility - buying them to run Linux was stupid to put it mildly. I'm not even sure any modern laptops advertise it which invalidates your entire post as well as six people who have gladly liked it.

                  How can people be so inattentive?

                  Let me repeat myself:

                  Imagine for a second someone buys a laptop to install HaikuOS on it and the OS doesn't support the hardware. Would any of lead HaikuOS developers say "F you Company_X" to any of OEMs involved? That would look weird to put it mildly.
                  Now tell me what the difference between Linux and HaikuOS is and why only Linux users have the rights to claim something despite it not being suggested, offered or advertised. I know logic is hard and emotions run rampant here, but please.
                  Last edited by birdie; 27 October 2021, 07:04 AM.


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                    Originally posted by Myownfriend View Post

                    The best way to pressure a company is to support and work for large corporations where you won't have any say about what the company does anyway. /s

                    Also you literally bitch about things all day long without doing anything about them. Your big attempt to improve Wayland was to open an issue on it's Gitlab, say it should work like X11, and then complain when one person didn't agree with you. Did you propose an protocols? No. Of course not.
                    Over 500 bug reports, fixes to the kernel, GCC, KDE and many other open source projects that's how I'm not doing anything. Lying about me all the time is definitely your forte.

                    Originally posted by Myownfriend View Post
                    Everything does. You need to pay programmers. That being said, it cost them money to support create and support EGLStreams. They had to write and maintain the EGLStreams backends for Mutter, Kwin, and XWayland... but they did it anyway. Nvidia has the money and they'll happy spend that money to be petty and proprietary because they feel it benefits them. Had they supported GBM a long time ago then they could have reaped the benefits of other people maintaining GBM and the backends that support it.

                    That being said. Nvidia has entire development platforms based around Linux and they supported GBM on those for awhile. That same platform is used in self-driving cars. Linux is a huge platform for Nvidia.
                    I don't care about either of these things. I can imagine EGLStreams were shared between platforms, so they naturally implemented them first.

                    Originally posted by Myownfriend View Post
                    Accept it's not necessary for them to have two teams, that would be a company decision to make those two teams completely seperate. The nouveau driver also exist. It's not good but the project at least show that there's a ton of people who would contribute to an open source Nvidia driver that would offset some of the additional costs for Nvidia. Even providing documentation about their GPUs would have done a lot to help Nouveau improve and run at proper clock speeds but they couldn't even do that.

                    That being said, I don't want to shit on them now. Good on them for finally supporting GBM. Hopefully they support EGL_NATIVE_RENDERABLE in their next driver so that Nvidia users can use OBS in Wayland.
                    Releasing documentation costs a ton of money. Period.

                    Everything you offer means NVIDIA has to pay out of their pockets to support a group of people who say "F you" in each thread about NVIDIA. Also, tell me, what's the business opportunity in wasting money on open source drivers when their proprietary drivers work great for absolute people out there not obsessed with new fancy buggy as hell and incomplete graphics features? We're in 2021 and outside of Gnome there are no full-featured bug-free Wayland DEs. None.

                    If I were Jensen Huang I'd simply make NVIDIA Linux drivers a paid product for professionals and companies. Yes. Let 2% of people who claim to love Open Source so much forget about NVIDIA altogether and enjoy overpriced AMD cards or non-existent discrete Intel GPUs.

                    That will end all the discussions about NVIDIA. You wanna run Linux? Go buy AMD or Intel. Case solved.


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                      Originally posted by Alexmitter View Post

                      every birdie comment ever basically. And can you blame him, look how hot jensen is in his leather jacket, such a great company.
                      You're lying about me.

                      Phoronix: NVIDIA 495.44 Linux Driver Released With GBM Support Following the NVIDIA 495 beta Linux driver from earlier this month, NVIDIA 495.44 is out today for Linux users as the stable release...

                      Phoronix: KDE Plasma Readies Its NVIDIA GBM Support, Fingerprint Authentication Added It's been an exciting week for KDE developers with preparing their formal support for handling NVIDIA's driver with GBM support as well as getting fingerprint authentication finally in place, among other improvements... https://www.phoronix.c

                      Phoronix: KDE Plasma Readies Its NVIDIA GBM Support, Fingerprint Authentication Added It's been an exciting week for KDE developers with preparing their formal support for handling NVIDIA's driver with GBM support as well as getting fingerprint authentication finally in place, among other improvements... https://www.phoronix.c