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Nvidia LHR, how does it actually work ?

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  • Nvidia LHR, how does it actually work ?

    So I tried to find more info about how the "new" nvidia LHR restriction does work (like from a technical perspective) but the only things I could find are like layman explanations on what it means for your RTX GPU to have lhr (basically using wall posts to say that it is going to mine slower)

    But how exactly (or at least the general idea) does nvidia enforce LHR? Is it strictly hardcoded to the bios ? Is the actual silicon (gpu) different between the same RTX models (eg RTX 3060 ti non lhr vs RTX 3060 ti LHR) ? If so then how? Some microcode blob or is there additional (or absence of or handicap) on the structure of the architecture of the chip?

    Also do you know any other forums/discord/articles where this has been discussed on a technical level?

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