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NVIDIA 470 Series To Be The Last Supporting GTX 600/700 Series Kepler

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    Originally posted by eydee View Post

    Nvidia keeps legacy drivers supported as far as security and kernel support goes. It's about feature updates. The cards keep working the same way they do today. They just won't get anything new. in the feature set.
    Stop reading what you want to read and read what was actually posted..

    Yes it is normal to retire hardware support BUT todo so when there is a chronic shortage is a bad idea.
    Looks like Nvidia agrees with me
    "Nvidia outlines plan to end 600/700 series GPU support, but may have backtracked | PC Gamer"


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      at least more 2/3 years of support and the distro put patchs for new kernels if needed, there no real new features for old hardware like this


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        Possible this article needs an update?

        It's official, Nvidia will end GeForce GTX 600/700 series support in October
        By Paul Lilly 14 June 2021

        --- snip ---
        "Curiously, Nvidia later removed the entry, reverting back to listing driver support as "ongoing" for Kepler. This led us to wonder if Nvidia had backtracked, given the current landscape—it's next to impossible to buy a new GPU right now, unless you're willing to pay reseller pricing.

        Now we know Nvidia did not change its mind. Instead, the final Game Ready driver for Kepler (R470 GA5) will arrive on August 31, 2021. The first Game Ready driver that doesn't support Kepler (R495 GA1) will be pushed out a few days later, on October 4."
        --- snip ---

        Regardless, I'm lucky my motherboard and Intel CPU offers internal CPU graphics.

        Just need to know when the next release, of either the Linux kernel or Xorg, will break the proprietary nVidia driver.

        However, with the lack of GPU availability, maybe these dates will be internally pushed further back to early 2022 and/or we should plan on a lot of low-level software becoming incompatible and/or breaking due to unmaintained proprietary drivers.