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Serious Problem: Notebook LCD not detected (worked once)

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  • Serious Problem: Notebook LCD not detected (worked once)

    Hey guys.

    I've got a really REALLY damn problem with my Samsung R560 (Core2 Duo , Nvidia Geforce 9600M 512MB DDR3). I use Gentoo ~amd64.

    The problem: I can see everything on the screen BUT X. Ok, I can also see X, but only if I switch to Driver "nv" or "vesa" , "nvidia" doesn't work.
    I reinstalled my whole f****** Gentoo (cause I thought I might have destroyed sth.), but it was worth nothing. It still doesn't work.
    Xorg.0.log says, that no Display was found and it'll fall back on "CRT-0". When I plug in my 2nd Monitor (A Samsung TFT with VGA input) this screen works fine with "nvidia" driver.
    I'll post my xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log in a few Minutes, cause I am actually running "nv".

    Back again .. Here's the Xorg.0.log

    and xorg.conf
    (I've tested all those commented Options, but no good results!) Only one! :
    With "ConnectedMonitors" "DFP" i got a "kind of picture" on my screen. The screen was divided into 2 parts: left right, divided exactly in the middle. The left part was completely white, the right part was strange, it seemed gray, but the color was fading a bit. Looked like smoke or oil.

    I'll now test an older release of nvidia driver. (177.x doesn't work, because of kernel 2.6.29). I got the newest one running a few days ago at 2.6.29, too. It worked, though I wouldn't blame the kernel, I think. It's zen-sources (because of hibernate and actual drivers, that I need for my WLAN and Webcam)

    I hope someone can help me. It's really really important to me. Thanks

    EDIT: 180.22 doesn't work,too . Now I'm compiling unmodified standard gentoo kernel 2.6.28. Let's see if that works ...
    gentoo kernel doesn't work with nvidia-driver

    EDIT2: holy shit. I think my Geforce is broken or sth like that. I installed on another Partition "Kubuntu 9.04 Alpha 6" (Kernel 2.6.28 , nvidia-drivers 185.13) , same behaviour as on Gentoo. shit shit shit

    EDIT3: new information: installed Vista (by recovery CD) on my notebook, installed Nvidia-driver and activated Aero (works) and played a few minutes Serious Sam 2 (works too) ... but it says that the display is no pnp display

    EDIT4: It doesn't seem to be the Geforce. Now I think it's the display... Or maybe both !?
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