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need help choice's for size vid

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  • need help choice's for size vid

    i have videos in x264, i want keep the quality but down the size (of file).

    I found x265 and av1 seems good choice for the size.

    I am very beginner in this thing.

    I tested ffmpeg using -c:v libx265 with 2 videos, down from 1.4gb to 95mb and 680mb to 170mb.
    Seems good for size, but 25 minutes videos take 9 minutes with ryzen 5600x 12thread and same or worse with 3800xt 16thread (all core used in htop).
    With -c:v av1 -strict experimental av1 it use only 1 thread of 12 thread, very slow.

    I have also a gtx 1660 super and hd 7950 3gb.

    Seems possible to use gpu for this task.

    What you is recommend ?
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