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NVIDIA Releases 180.37 Linux Display Driver

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    Originally posted by DMJC View Post
    Sticking to the facts then. Yeah sure the beta drivers were unstable, cool I can accept that they're beta. But even the "stable" drivers are unstable. I get lockups quite often when using the stable drivers eg 180.29. I was getting those lockups on my 8800gts 320mb and I still get them on my 260 core 216 gtx (when using 180.29). Strangely one of the ways to avoid the lockups seems to be to leave nvidia-settings open on my desktop while I run programs. Annoying but it does seem to help. The errors are all nvrm and Xid error messages. This happens still in the unstable beta drivers as well as in the stable 180.29 drivers so it looks like nvidia still need to bugfix those issues. As for the new beta drivers, well they nuked gnome pretty effectively so I hope they are aware and fix the issue before the next release. Gnome-settings-daemon is the application that seems to die. There may be more core services related that segfault though. Vino also looks like it dies.
    You'd best give up any hope for nvidia EVER to fix the stability issues, hell, according to many people, deanjo including, they arent even real, we're making it up!

    nvidia dont give a rats ass about these issues