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NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Supports AV1 Accelerated Video Decoding

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    Well h.265 is used for HD-Broadcasting (linear TV) and that´s why there are a lot of cheap hardware decoders.
    Nevertheless HD or 1440p AV1 60fps content can be Software Decoded on ~5 year old hardware, all major browser on desktop platforms (apart from Safari) support AV1 natively. Only Safari support h.265

    Netflix and YouTube use AV1 for popular videos and 4k Content if the end device supports it.
    Netflix was a major contributor to the AV1 development, they for example introduced film grain extraction and simulation (relevant to their use-case, as encoding random noise pixel by pixel isn´t that efficient, if it´s "random" )

    2020/2021 Gen Smart TVs (Samsung,LG) have in Hardware AV1 decoders.

    With Intel SVT-AV1 encoder (which can be used in ffmpeg easily) there is a performant encoder, which is used by most of the big players as far as i know.. No one uses the reference encoder for real production work!
    There are even FPGA and RTL Encoders for live video encoding, they are currently used for HLS Live-streaming of big events to save bandwidth, but sooner or later we will see RTL encoder blocks in Smart Devices for video conferencing!

    AV1 will become the new h.264 IMHO, as it´s royalty free, backed by big players and there is hardware support across all platforms in the latest generations!