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NVIDIA 440.82 Linux Driver Brings DOOM Eternal Performance Fix, Linux 5.6 Compatibility

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    Originally posted by Linuxxx View Post

    Freshly built for You about an hour ago:

    Hope it fixes Your problems!
    Phew! Just in time, too! Thanks for pointing it out.


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      Any news regarding the big Nvidia Open Source announcement?


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        Originally posted by aufkrawall View Post
        If they'll ever fix broken triple buffered vsync in GPU bound scenario?
        Could You please elaborate on this particular bug?

        Are You seeing this with
        Option "TripleBuffering" "1"
        in Your xorg.conf or rather with
        dxgi.numBackBuffers = 3
        inside Your dxvk.conf ?

        That being asked, my personal observation on the matter of Triple-Buffering (the traditonal one with two back-buffers [a.k.a. mailbox mode], not the DirectX mode where the additional buffer is just in a queue) is that with modern GPUs packing quite substantial boost clocks in comparison with their base clocks, having them constantly do unneccessary work in the form of frames that might never get displayed will lead to eventual thermal throttling, in which case the boost mode will be unavailable when it might actually be required, such as computing an unusually demanding scene in a game (classic example: a sudden explosion).

        Are You generally using triple-buffering when gaming, and how are Your experiences with it?