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Blender 2.82 Performance With The NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 Laptop Performance

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  • Blender 2.82 Performance With The NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 Laptop Performance

    Phoronix: Blender 2.82 Performance With The NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 Laptop Performance

    For those looking to work on Blender 3D modeling from a laptop, having a NVIDIA RTX graphics processor can do wonders with the OptiX back-end for dramatically speeding up render times. Here is a look at how the different back-ends compare when running the HP ZBook 17 G6 mobile workstation with Quadro RTX 5000 graphics...

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    Blender works wonders with OptiX.


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      What about battery consumption Micheal? some research lab tried to use RT cores for non graphics related task and shewed interesting results even for power consumption


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        I wouldn't consider Nvidia's hardware and drivers to be worthy of a machine I use for serious work. Their EoL policy (and how they ignore it) along with their inability to just keep things up to date with Xorg releases shows that they simply don't care, and would rather have you on the newest hardware the second it comes out, because their crappy drivers are only updated properly for the newest hardware, even if something older is more than enough.

        At least AMD is on horizon when it comes to alternatives, and there are demos of their hardware doing path tracing already on the Xbox series X. Just give me the equivalent of the Radeon 7 with path tracing, and you have the best consumer grade GPU on the market.


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          Impressive. there something similar non-proprietary on the horizon? Can something similar be archived with Vulkan / OpenCL, with the new ray tracing extension?


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            Too bad that Blender 2.8 destroyed my favored workflow.

            I'm far too used to using layers to move duplicates of something I'm working on, but aren't sure if what I'm about to do will look good, to. Saving is all well and good, but sometimes I want to compare the results by just flipping between two layers with a keypress!

            Keeping the duplicate around, hidden and moved a few units out of the way, doesn't have that advantage, and if Collections do I haven't found it yet.

            This isn't getting into how the new interface feels like a hybrid of 2.49's collapsing toolbox/whatever junk, 2.79, and some entirely different software's UX.

            A shame too, Eevee looked interesting, and my more powerful machine has nVidia (I was young and naïve). I would love a backport of that renderer, but I doubt that's feasible.

            Until I'm done with my current projects, I'm sticking with the 2.79 release.