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Linux with Nvidia GPU: Is it really that bad?

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    Originally posted by BrandonMiller84 View Post
    I'm totally biased and using AMD myself but from what I've heard Nvidia GPU's doesn't really behave all that bad under Linux unless you're really unlucky or target some specific apps that are known to not work correctly.
    It's not that Nvidia's software is badly behaved, it's that it's a black box, external to your OS, and requires YOU to compile new kernel modules every time your distro updates the kernel. Sometimes they compile just fine, other times they don't, and then you have to wait for Nvidia to issue a driver update, so you can go download and try again. It's clunky and cumbersome and will result in an occasionally broken system. When it works, it works, but when you have to patch your system or upgrade your distro is where the pain comes in. (The open-source nvidia drivers (Nouveau) are not even beta quality, and not worth discussing).

    AMD on the other hand, the open source drivers are phenomenal, and everything "just works". No more messing about with compiling custom kernel modules or using alternative 3rd party repos. No more driver breakage every time you update the kernel. AMD just works.
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      Nvidia with DKMS works fine for me. I've had much better luck over the years with Nvidia vs AMD. Plenty of issues with both, but generally much better luck with Nvidia and MUCH better performance. I use multiple monitors at different resolutions and have no issues with Nvidia, but still have issues with my AMD Ryzen cpu/integrated graphics.


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        I've been running Nvidia 960 with linux for a few years - with 4 monitors, other than the gdm3 issue cropping up since ubuntu 18.04 I've not had any real problems. I use the Nvidia drivers, its fine.