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Is Nvidia + Linux still ass or?

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  • Is Nvidia + Linux still ass or?

    I'm looking at getting a laptop thats 6 core and 1060 6GB quality at minimum. I am still considering things like the Acer Helios 500 though, but its just too damn big. The MSI GS65 is MUCH more appealing, especially when you consider that the 1070 editions on open box are under 2 grand.

    But I'm an arch user. I need the latest kernel that isn't crap, and I need a lot of the tools that also come from that for some of the work I do privately. Though, I will admit, I'm rather happy with something like Elementary on my thinkpad X230T (which is only for code and art, really, so I couldn't say how it'd serve as a workstation OS).

    What am I to expect here? I have a G50VT-X5 from Asus that I used to use, but graphics drivers were managed horribly and after the 3rd boot, every time, the drivers would fail to load. That laptop was better serving me as a hackintosh.

    Or, do I keep the RX580 from in my desktop and invest in TB3 and just stop thinking about this? Though, part of wanting something like thGS65 is that I'm at home less and less now. The GPU power is for my convenience completely.


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    I've being using an NVidia card, using the proprietary driver from the NVidia website, on Debian since 2014. The only problem I have is booting to desktop after I've updated the Linux kernel to a new version - I get a black screen and nothing happens. When I see there's a Linux kernel update needing to be installed I uninstall the Nvidia driver, install the kernel update, reset then then reinstall the Nvidia driver. From my experience it was always AMD gfx cards + Linux that was crappy but I believe this has changed in the last few years. Last time I used and AMD card on Linux was my 6950 from around 2012 I believe. Sorry if this is crappy info