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Running NVIDIA On GNOME's X.Org Session May Get A Lot Smoother

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    [QUOTE=debianxfce;n1103559]"So let's hope that this merge request will land for the current GNOME 3.33 development"

    Hope (Toivo in Finnish, also a male name) is good to live said parasite. The IBM-MS-Nvidia partnership will not be happy when usage of a Linux desktop improves. 11 years of gnome3 development and no end to see. 99% of computer users would use a Linux desktop without gnome3 . Gnome3 is a great tool to prevent more people use a Linux desktop. Gnome3 believers will not give up hope and it is very funny.[QUOTE=debianxfce;n1103575]

    IBM relationship with Microsoft since the PC Do/MS Dos then the OS/2 vs Windows mess has been on very thin ice. 11 years of work on gnome 3 no.

    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
    This blog post and mac usage proofs that IBM developers do not care of end users and code garbage software for the money to prevent the success of the Linux desktop.
    Please stop deformation. The true IBM developers at conferences are some of the ones you see really running Linux on their machines and if it not Linux it Windows. Mostly because they want the power 9 and other hardware to work they dog food Linux a lot. Redhat developers you don't normally see them at conferences with mac either. The reality is majority of gnome development has not be Redhat or IBM developers. Both IBM and Redhat have been more server focused. IBM has worked out they need to get power 9 in the workstation market just been server chip is not helping their market share.

    The person was right to say Gnome developers you see majority on Mac not Linux but the interesting part the majority of the gnome developers are not Redhat or IBM.


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      Originally posted by Candy View Post

      As true as the guy, that once released Gnome besides a pair of testicles.

      Google for it es%22
      I knew that, but now I know you are a troll as well
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        Originally posted by Britoid View Post
        Stop feeding the troll.
        you are right, but he/she clearly won.
        I guess many started the feeding out of frustration.
        If a ban is not possible (will it even work if he/she's determined?) the best thing would be to give forum users a filtering tool.. it's damn time
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          Please stop the IBM, NVIDIA crap already.
          All performance related patches are welcome.
          On fast hardware the enduser probably doesn't notice anything, but less cpu load = more battery life for your laptop

          So I really hope the gnome devs actually take the time to review and merge as many of van Vugt's patches as possible for the next release.


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            Originally posted by Britoid View Post
            Stop feeding the troll.
            I go a step further, and use an adblocker on sites that harbour trolls.


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              So often I see people talking about how bad Gnome-3 is, but when a poll is posted in a Linux community(like the many G+ Linux communities, R.I.P.) asking which desktop users prefer, the winner is usually Gnome-3 by a large margin. I liked Unity, despite scopes never working the way it was intended. If Unity's scopes worked reliably it would have been amazing, but things like the HUD were smart touches, and the overall look was also good.
              First time I ran Gnome-3 was on Fedora in 2014 for about 6 months, and left it alone until about 4 months ago when I moved to Ubuntu 18.04. It's a great desktop. I don't have a problem with any of the desktops, they all do something right for someone that's why they exist.

              As much as I want to love KDE, I've never had a good experience with it.


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                Originally posted by DeeZiD View Post
                Still the only linux desktop without any massive input lag though...
                Seems like Gnome developers are the only ones using fast desktop environments such as the MacOS gui as a reference.

                And there's activities which no other desktop environment has.
                I'm not sure if you're trolling or not, but Gnome is far away from being smooth. You can find evidences here, in Phoronix articles. KDE has activities, so I really doubt you know what you're talking about. I don't know if macos GUI is smooth, but it's one of the slowest operating systems out there. Furthermore, I consider it's usability nightmare.


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                  Please join me in my movement to flag debianxfce's posts as spam. Maybe then, Michael will get the message...


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                    Originally posted by Volta View Post
                    Gnome is far away from being smooth
                    I totally agree with that. I tried Gnome 3.32 in Fedora on my 9700K+GTX1070 box. And it turned out that it is really not smooth and input lag is quite noticeable under load.
                    Originally posted by Volta View Post
                    I don't know if macos GUI is smooth, but it's one of the slowest operating systems out there
                    And it is really smooth, even under heavy load. That's why I have Hackintosh on the same box as my primary development environment. Yes, in Postgres or WhateverDB performance tests it loses to any Linux, and it is not good in OpenGL, but it is a perfect environment for a web or mobile development. Even Hackintosh is rock stable and capable of running compilation in Docker images, playing 4K Youtube video, debugging in VSCode and chatting in Slack at the same time - without loosing responsiveness at all.


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                      Originally posted by Vistaus View Post

                      GNOME devs are humans too, so they are free to use whatever hardware they want.
                      I see you have never defended a brand. If you see GNOME developers using Apple computers, those developers are sending the next message: "Look that, they don't use their own product, so their product has to be as bad that it isn't worth it to use in real environments."

                      This is not question about free or non-free software, it's a commercial issue, and the reality of the commercial situation is what I exposed in the previous paragraph.