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Running Clear Linux With NVIDIA's Proprietary Driver Stack

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    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

    Not true, see:

    Patching is needed.

    Where on that page does it state that the nvidia driver needed patching for a kernel release?


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      Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
      An rc is Release Candidate, which BY DEFINITION does mean it is NOT A RELEASE. Quit posting bs.

      NVIDIA themselves fixed their driver during the rc stage and it was working fine at release

      This is their usual thing. As long as you aren't using rc kernels you are fine for NVIDIA support.


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        I got the updated Clear Linux desktop reinstalled with Nouveau at the moment, but the PTS tests hangs the machine on the Unigine tests. I don't think its PTS per se, but an old GF7 card. uname shows native, so that meets the NVidia installation criteria. As soon as I get a solid test result to complete on Nouveau, I will swap over to the 2 different NVidia driver sets available. If it keeps hanging on the tests I will swap the GF7 out for something more current.

        I really like the Clear Linux performance, just got to get used to the integration requirements.


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          Originally posted by towo2099 View Post

          Open your eyes you stupid moron! Learn to read the sites before postulate nonsense.
          You are the stupid moron. My intel iGPU does not need any patches. The open source graphics drivers combined with the fast and ligtht XFCE desktop and low latency Debian Kernel, my system is much more faster than even NVIDIA RTX TITAN which is very laggy closed source software. I get 56 FPS on Counter Strike at 1367x768 and 34 FPS on Half Life 2 running Steam Proton. More info on my youtube channel


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            Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

            You must be rally pissed to use the gnome3 desktop and nvidia cards when socializing my YouTube channel.
            You are an IBM troll who is jealous of my high performance XFCE desktop.