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NVIDIA Releases The GeForce GTX 1650 At $149 USD, Linux Benchmarks Incoming

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    Originally posted by torsionbar28 View Post
    With the high res textures that newer games have, even 1080p can require more than 4GB.
    6 GiB isn't enough for Battlefield V. Nvidia keeps high settings exclusive to their "high end" cards, even at 2003-era resolutions.


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      Originally posted by torsionbar28 View Post
      Some bizarro sku's out there. Like this *triple* slot 1650. Ugh, why???
      Yeah I don't know what's worse the marketing or the card's design. Clearly this card is not aimed at tech-savvy market.

      GTX 1650's price is closer to GTX 1060 but marking references performance of GTX 1050 Ti and completely ignores price difference, also it supports "OpenGL 4/5"

      Meanwhile nouveau is still crashing (OS hang) on my GT 1030 using latest updates on Fedora 29 (nothing new).


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        Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
        Yep that's pretty stupid. This GPU could operate just fine on a single-slot cooler
        It could, but with a bigger cooler, there's a better chance for fans to stay low/off. Triple slot for a 75W card does seem like overkill though.