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NVIDIA Lands Fix To Avoid High CPU Usage When Using The KDE Desktop

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    Originally posted by sandy8925 View Post
    RealNC - It's a small amount of lag, it will be unnoticeable during average use (browsing, document editing etc.).
    It is noticeable when playing games and when moving windows around. And that's at 120Hz. At 60Hz, it is clearly noticeable pretty much everywhere.


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      Originally posted by bug77 View Post
      Hidden option? The setting is in the header files. I find it highly unlikely (though not impossible) Nvidia neglected to expose that for Linux for so many years.
      It's possible it was exposed, but certainly not documented, and it still isn't. I refer to settings that aren't directly exposed to users as "hidden." i.e. The stuff MESA hides behind driconf is "hidden." I knew Windows had a registry setting for it you could set and certainly looked around for something similar.


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        Originally posted by RealNC View Post
        Not sure what you mean. If you set:

        Option "TripleBuffer" "True"

        in the nvidia driver, then it triple buffers. Otherwise, it doesn't.
        This entire issue is that it will cache more than one frame... Read the summary again.


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          Originally posted by carewolf View Post
          This entire issue is that it will cache more than one frame... Read the summary again.
          I did read it. It would cache more than one frame because kwin would allow it to cache more than one frame. The patch is a quick workaround that is supposed to fix that without requiring major kwin changes.


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            Thing is AMD seems to have lower quality control recently both in CPU and GPU. Recently I was diagnozing a problem when Ryzen 1700x without any OC was unstable ... on 2 diffrent motherboards, 2 diffrent sets of RAM and powersupply way over the top. And honestly do I care about seting up nvidia driver right for a while or having ultra hot GPU and having fan noise? Well I prefer green team there.


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              piotrj3 was your CPU made before or after the Ryzen Linux segfault bug fix? (2017 production week 25 I think?)

              BTW I just noticed tildearrow 's repo is in the AUR
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