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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Linux Performance From Gaming To TensorFlow & Compute

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    Originally posted by Michael View Post
    The rtx 2060 benchmarks that you published are missing fp32 tests.
    You mostly included fp16.

    So will you also bench the tensorflow training with fp32.


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      Originally posted by vegabook View Post

      Hilarious! The entire article gives you 9 pages of valid reasons to do exactly that. Spankin' AMD's finest with their budget card basically on all games, and an embarrassing absence of red bars on the machine learning charts altogether!

      I've been an ATI/AMD fan since the 8514 Ultra (yeah, stone age)... and even I just cannot ignore the fact that under AMD's stewardship, ATI has been wrecked and Nvidia now owns the show. Let's HOPE AND PRAY that with AMD's newfound market capitalization, they can throw the several billions of dollars of investment in that the RTG division desperately needs, just to survive. The way it's going now, and with time running out before Intel muscles in like a gorilla, RTG will be a console bit-player within 24 months and on the way to becoming the next Imagination Technologies. IE: dead.
      Wow, you don't keep up with the GPU market, or AMD's strategy at all, do you. How sad.

      AMD's strategy today is targeting the lucrative console market. And they beat intel and nvidia every time. AMD has the PS4 and the XboxOne, and also some Chinese consoles not sold in the US. AMD wins consoles. AMD's peecee games strategy today is to win the middle ground, the price/performance segment, and as you can see in any Phoronix benchmarks, AMD crushes the "performance per dollar" charts. AMD wins again. And for those who care about open source, AMD's open-source drivers perform on-par with their proprietary ones, while NVidia gives Linux users the middle finger. AMD wins again.

      If you had watched any of AMD's presentations, or listened to their earnings calls, you would know that AMD is not targeting the high end PC gaming market, not until ~2021 anyways.

      Maybe next time do a little research, eh?


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        Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
        The Fnatic team gets new gaming PCs form AMD with the 3rd gen Ryzen CPU and the Radeon VII GPU card this year. Source: CES 2019.
        Great, but that's e-sports, which doesn't require a monster gpu. When I said "high end" I was referring to an Rtx 2080 competitor.


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          Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

          AMD is confident in its ability to take on the similarly priced Nvidia RTX 2080, and therefore the GTX 1080 Ti too.


          The Sapphire Radeon VII will be available for $699 starting on February 7.
          Yes the new VII is priced the same as RTX 2080, and I truly hope they reach or exceed RTX 2080 performance with it. But at 300w TDP compared to the 225w of the RTX2080, it is clearly not a one for one competitor. My point has always been that AMD's current desktop lineup is derived from their console chips, as consoles are AMD's current focus. That won't change for another two years probably.