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HD Video Playback With A $20 CPU & $30 GPU On Linux

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    Originally posted by 83bj View Post

    You write "The GeForce 8400GS is available in a PCI model for those wanting to use this low-end graphics card on say an Intel Atom system"

    Does this model have another name? I couldn't find such a model yet.
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      Thanks for this information!

      Honestly, it was a extremely difficult to find one of the PCI-Cards here in Europe. Nearly everything you find is PCIe. I live in Germany and the only shops I could find which sell those cards were from the US, but they wouldn't ship this item to Europe for some reason. (NewEgg, Tigerdirect and even

      Finally I came across a German Onlineshop which sells one of the Sparcle-cards for ? 60, which is about $ 76. Crap! I believe, there is a very small market for PCI-cards here in EU.


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        Is 2GB necessary?

        I'd like to reproduce the original results using existing parts where possible. It looks like the cheapest option is

        - Nvidia GeForce 210 fanless low profile GPU (512MB): $40
        - AMD Sempron 140 Sargas: $36
        - Suitable micro-ATX motherboard (sadly, with integrated GPU): $50
        - 2GB DDR2/800 RAM: $50

        At these prices, cutting from 2GB RAM to 1GB RAM would save significantly on the price (my wife is indulging me). But I would like to be able to play h.264 encoded 1080p content, since my TV supports 1080p. Should I pay $50 for a full 2GB RAM, or will $25 for 1GB RAM suffice? Getting the full cost under $150 would be a bonus.

        (I have a case already paid for and can repurpose optical drive and hard drives from existing systems that have reached retirement age.)


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          For simple movie playback with linux 2 gb are not necessary - in case you will upgrade to bluray and then need sometimes win 2 gb would be better.


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            For simple playback 2GB are not necessary.
            Thanks for the advice. It sounds like a plan is to go with one stick of 1GB RAM and then add a second stick if/when I upgrade the optical drive to a Blu-ray player. My main concern at this point is high-definition H.264.